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The Kitchen recycling- Lemons and Limes

Ever wondered what a humble lemon can do?  Apart from adding that much needed zing to ‘aaloo chaat’, salads, soups and stews,  it can make your home smell like heaven when paired with herbs and spices such as cinnamon (well, only guessing heaven is gorgeous smelling!).

Also, along with its peelings, it can make the most stunning centre piece for your dining table. Go ahead and add them to some essential salts and you would have the most luxurious body scrub ready for use and if none of the above takes your fancy, then simply use the lemon shells to create a ‘lemon shell diya‘  to light up your life and those of others around you.

Aromas and decoration accessories, all created with the very humble lemon, lime and their peelings. Enjoy…

Create your own scents
Natural scents, citric to cinnamon, maybe some star-anise too? via


Lime & lemons
recycle: Lime & lemons – just the perfect piece for your dining table…via
Lemon bath salt scrub
Recycle: Lemon bath salt scrub – the wonders of lemon and salt…via
Lemony diyas
Recycle: Lemony diyas – don’t throw the peel but create a gorgeously aromatic diya…via

Did you ever think lemons or limes can be so much fun? Apart from the usual cleaning and astringent properties, I didn’t ever think of doing much with them. So, here’s to learning something new today!

Shilpa xx