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Lentils – it’s multiple faces

I may travel the world and taste a variety of ingredients put together in a plethora of flavours but after a few days, I crave for the very humble ‘daal-roti’, which always manages to set my taste buds on fire, leaves me satiated and at the same time, craving for ‘just some more’.

It’s not been long since I discovered this version of ‘daal-roti’ in the form of a one pot meal, also called ‘daal-batli‘ or indian wheat dumplings (well, sort of!), served in a lentil soup. Call it what you prefer, but do give it a shot over the weekend.  Especially, now since it is coming up to the cooler months, it will warm you like nothing else. Go head to the kitchen, right now and treat yourself and your family to some amazing ‘daal-batli’.

If you are back and reading this post again, then another food combination worth a kitchen experiment that I will urge you to try is  ‘litti-choka’. Easy to put together and your taste buds will thank you for days and days.

Used across the world, from the Mediterranean to Africa and of course in our very own India,  the humble lentils are so yummy, filling and just so kind on the wallet and never, ever stop being versatile….Enjoy, go ahead and use them some more…

Daal – batli…warming and delish...via
Just the litti…make some now to go with your chokha…via
Garlic Lentil patties – the French way…make some for tonight…via
Lentils in the salad too…who has it for brekka everyday? via

Lentils have been a part of our food form since times immemorial, and unite people and cultures from across the globe.  An extract from the poem “Song to the Lentil” by Roy Blount, Jr. says it all:

‘If we are good basic people, then one can assume in us

An affinity for the leguminous

And there is no more fundamental

Legume than the lentil’

Shilpa xx