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Over eaten?

Who started the day with ‘kachodis’ and ‘jalebis’  and ended the day with biryani, parathas and even more ‘mithai’ during the lovely festivities?  ‘Hands up, all guilty people!’. Well, I hold up my hand too.

How about choosing some ‘good food’ for your breakfast?  You could begin with the yummy granola, which is literally meant to be ‘health in a bowl’ or can I surprise you by suggesting having our very traditional ‘khichadi’ for your first meal of the day?  This humble ‘khichadi’,  is now being looked at as the new super food, and is being served across various yoga camps in India and Nepal. Khichadi, claims to have a lot of ayurvedic properties and hence is sitting in the ‘good food’ category.   In Britain, it is referred to as ‘kedgeree’, which is essentially ‘khichadi’ with the addition of some sort of fish and eggs.  Maybe new to some, familiar to most of us but certainly on the top for my list of comfort foods.

Slept through the morning and now on your gadget reading this post? Well, lazy mornings are allowed.  How about pleasing your digestive juices with a tofu based brunch? or even for your dinner / lunch. It’s versatile – go wild and give it the flavours you fancy.  This healthy tofu seems to have got a bad reputation for being tasteless but is essentially a plain canvas, waiting to absorb all character thrown on to it. So, get your creative side going…Go wild with the herbs and spices and I promise, that you will create a delicious meal to remember.  Bon appetite!

Breakfast like a King…if oats, nuts and fruits are your thing, try this…via
moong -daal- and rice -khichdi-
Khichadi ke chaar yaar: dahi, papad, ghee, achar…via
Tofu for brunch?
Tofu for brunch? Throw together some amazing flavours...via
Tofu for your dinner?
Tofu for your dinner? Little joys…via
Detox away with this soup
Detox away with this soup...via

Whatever, you do, make sure your breakfast is no lesser than a King’s (well! talking about the years gone by..when people enjoyed their breaka and it didn’t involve sipping a hot drink from a disposable mug), but having said that, I do quite enjoy that too. Happy eating folks but do give your body a break, now and again!!  Even Julia Child says : ‘Everything in moderation…including moderation’. 

Shilpa xx