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Handcrafted opulence! Bags and more

My love for custom made, hand crafted leather products continues as the journey meanders from shoes to bags, and more ­čÖé

I saw a vintage look metal and leather ‘Trunk’ at a friends place and was intrigued. On hearing the name of the source, I immediately checked their collection online. Most of you would know of Nappa Dori, but it’s pertinent to mention them here. They have some of the most sought after collection of bags, trunks and accessories. Have a look at their site! Gorgeous stuff!

ikat-satchel---cream- nappa Dorigrenadier-i---green-with-tan- Nappa dorimacbook-sleeve---bullman nappa dori

Another popular name in this category is a.k.a. bespoke, an accessories brand for men and women designing shoes and bags. This venture was started by three friends and designers Aeiman. Karan. Ateev (hence the name a.k.a.) in 2011 and they have done some exceptional work. Couldn’t get their website details, but do check out their facebook page. Their exclusive collection is retailed through a ┬áselect set of stores.

akabespoke bag 3


And last, but not the least for this edition of bags, definitely have a look at Baroque Bags. A brainchild of┬áDeviana Gupta & Sumalini Khullar, this venture started in 2012 and is going strong. Their online store is up and while you can pick bags off the shelf too, I would say it would be fun to do a bespoke bag – just as per your requirements or rather silly whims and fancies (as per other people, certainly not as per you).

Baroque Bags - 1





So, what are you waiting for? Go, grab them now!

XO, Nupur

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