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‘The present changes the past. Looking back you do not find what you left behind’

Not the easiest of books to read, which is why I had been avoiding it for such a long time…However, when I did read it, what I noticed the most, was the amazing use of food descriptions to narrate the story, the circumstances. I thought that was absolutely brilliant. I love food and I love reading – a marriage of the two? Sure, makes interesting reading…An example of this would be where the judge (one of the characters in the book) dreams of cake and scones, macaroons and cheese straws but actually gets biscuits that look like cardboard (Sad, isn’t it?), the cook’s ability to cook anything, if only he had the ingredients(Sad state of affairs!)

Lots of lovely moments captured beautifully and lovely lines too.  Read it yet, have you?

Shilpa xx