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Stock up on the 3 staples – Jackets, Scarves and Leggings

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Checked your wardrobe for the season yet? Are the jackets and scarves out yet? We sincerely recommend doing that – maybe over the weekend, and ensure you have all the essentials ready when the chill strikes one lovely morning 🙂

With a large selection available either in your wardrobe or out there in the shops, put together various looks before you go shopping. Do your homework, identify the colours and styles you would want to dress up in this season, make your checklist and then shop! Shop the 3 wardrobe staples for the season:

1. Jackets: It’s still not cold enough for coats, but a jacket is a staple for this season. Zara and Mango have an interesting collection but how about an eclectic traditional twist to your ensemble.

Vintage Kantha Jacket-Kinche
Vintage Kantha Jacket available at Kinche


Cotton Ikat Jacket available at Ethniche
Cotton Ikat Jacket available at Ethniche

Do have a look at the collection of jackets at Kinche and Ethniche.

2. Scarves: Wrap a scarf around your neck for warmth, and of course the pizzazz. There is a huge variety out there, so make sure to pick up a few to add that layer and a pop of colour to your look.

Sonya Sapru's silk scarf on Jaypore
Sonya Sapru’s silk scarf available at Jaypore
Charu Desi - Turquoise Blue Silk Scarf -
Charu Desi – Turquoise Blue Silk Scarf available at

If you really love scarves, do check out – has a gorgeous collection of scarves, though primarily by designers.

3. Leggings – Most of us have a pair of skinny jeans in our wardrobe, and we pair the ever versatile piece to create innumerable looks. If you are like some of my friends who keep jeans at an arm’s length (due to reasons known to them), consider leggings. Are leggings part of your wardrobe yet? Plain in black/brightly coloured hues or printed – take your pick.

Leggings printed - Forever 21

Burgundy multi coloured leggings - Forever 21

















Have a look at the collection at Forever 21 for leggings.

So, have you made your checklist yet?

Until next time…do your homework, people! It helps immensely 🙂

XO, Nupur