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A mug maketh your beverage!

Would you agree with me that the enjoyment of having a cuppa, depends majorly on the size and the shape of the mug! Even if I have had a zillion cups of coffee or ‘chai’ when out and about, I always need to have ‘chai’ in my own mug as soon as I get back home, and then the world feels right again!

So, if you are happy with your mug, then all’s well with the world but if your ‘special’ mug has been broken or is about to be chipped,  here is what you need to do to make your very own! Enjoying your cuppa, in a mug created by you…Total Happiness!

Mug: handmade
In Mumbai? Speak to Rekha Goyal to create your masterpiece…de-stress and own a new mug too…two birds…
The ‘creative’ in you wants to potter? Speak to Meena Vohra in Noida and get your hands dirty
Created at Andretta pottery … Love the colours via
You an aspiring Potter? Go straight to the beautiful Kangra valley and learn from the master, himself whilst being surrounded by history and nature

If pottering and getting your hands dirty, isn’t your thing, then treat yourself to a customised mug from Pepper Fry , Tadpole Store or any other online store. There are several out there, catering to the ‘mug’ enthusiasts. Doodlewala doodles some amazing designs, order, if they take your fancy…Plenty choices out there, all you have to do is find or create the one that makes your cuppa, YOURS!

Any sort of Music makes us happy, anytime, anywhere – If this is so ‘YOU’, order it right away

Either buy or create your own, do whatever makes you smile, but do ensure you have a gorgeous mug  for enjoying your ‘chai’ or coffee…Enjoy every moment with your ‘chai’ or coffee, in your ‘bestest’ mug!

Shilpa xx