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Bollywood ‘ish-style’ in your home

Bollywood cushions, posters, mugs, scarves and even sarees! There is something about Indians living overseas (and I am pretty sure Indians in India too) and their love for Bollywood! A Bollywood themed wedding, the songs,  the decor, the clothes, the life…A friend recently attended one such wedding in the UK and pictures from that inspired me to write this post:

As much as I love the charm of Bollywood, I am not much of a movie buff myself, although walking into a room with Bollywood paraphernalia makes me feel at ‘home’. While there are a lot of products on offer these days, posters of  ‘the Bollywood Stars’ was all we had to contend with when I was growing up – and yes, I had my share of them. My first set of posters that were of Kumar Gaurav and Sanjay Dutt after their movies ‘Love Story’ and ‘Rocky’ respectively! Oh! how I followed their lives and never failed to increase my collection of their posters!

I do not think that the exact origins and the details of the first ever poster is known but people believe that the first Bollywood movie to use a poster was Kalyan Khajina (1924).  Did you know that M.F. Hussain started his career as a Bollywood poster artist?  Bollywood movie posters have had an amazing journey, from being once created to mainly promote a film to its charisma today where it is found in several modern, chic homes in the form of mugs, cushions, coasters and as vintage posters! No more chitter-chatter people, lets dive straight into how you can add that ‘star-dust’ to your home with posters.

1. Create a corner with small framed posters of your favorite films, add colourful hanging lights at different levels, maybe a chalkboard paint with some scribbles. I’d like this very much for a corner space in my home


2. If you’d like to add colour to your white, off-white space, add a framed colourful bollywood poster for a sprinkle of star-dust. I love the way the kilim rug and poster add colour to the otherwise stark white room. Don’t miss the brass ware on the table.


3. Here’s a bright and cheery room, getting it’s bollywood personality with these posters

4. If you have a large wall along the staircase or an entrance passage, consider adding posters – some bollywood, some hand painted and some with typography – maybe some that are black and white. Anything goes as long as you love it, and it makes you happy!

Bollowood wall

Since it is still Movember, here’s a filmy poster dedicated to it!


You can buy posters or get your own customised posters made from an increasing number of online shops. We liked Hippy, Postergully, Bollywoodmovieposters and All India Arts

Bollywood can be loud or subtle, sophisticated or stodgy but there is nothing touched by the ‘cine-sparkle’ that doesn’t light up! So, go on…add a bit of filmy magic to your home in your own ‘is-style’.


Shilpa xx


Cover Image: Pinterest

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