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Colour Chic – Lavender and Plum

“Colour belongs to our being: maybe each one of us has his own”

                                                                                                                                                                   – Le Corbusier

There is nothing quite like the colour Purple to add drama to your home or wardrobe. It has the unique ability to be warm and cool depending on what colors it is paired with. The spectrum is wide-ranging from the soft and pale lavender to the vibrant hued plum – the colour combination we love. The color purple hovers between blue and red on the colour wheel and both Lavender and Plum are on the bluish, cooler side. Make them work for you this season by pairing them correctly and create rooms that spell elegance and royalty.

Accentuating a room by incorporating colours can sometimes feel like a daunting task, and you wonder if you would need to re-paint a wall or change the furnishings in the room to get the desired effect. That, in my opinion, is a major overhaul and many of us (certainly me!) would shy away from any such activity on a regular basis. Accentuate your existing spaces to give them a transformed look by accessorizing. This certainly holds true for your wardrobe too!

Pair warm neutrals with lavender and plum – if your decor at home is in shades of ecru, sand colour, beige or light brown and the walls are creamy white to ecru, accentuate your space with cushions in shades of lavender, unbleached linen and plum. The lavender and plum will add sophistication to the look. Try arranging Orchids in a silver or white vase, place a coffee table book in these shades or fill a large clear glass vase with lavender and plum shaded pebbles or dried flowers.

For a more dramatic effect, pair dusty turquoise or leaf green/ Chartreuse with plum and lavender. Visualize a wing chair upholstered in deep plum coloured fabric with a dusty turquoise/ leaf green cushion or throw on the side. Add an element of burnt orange for the very vibrant and warm feel. This rich colour combination would do well if used to create a focal point. The complete furniture in this colour combination would be a bit over-the-top in my opinion.
Cushions always come to our rescue, don’t they? If you have a neutral coloured sofa, add cushions in shades of dusty turquoise, Chartreuse, lavender and plum. Use cushions in slightly different shapes (squares and rectangular shapes) to add interest and depth to the colour combination.
Lamp shades can be another element that can add colour to your room. Use a plum coloured lampshade to add the royal touch to your room. A Turquoise or Chartreuse photo frame on the side table next to a orchids in a vase is probably all you will need to add the dramatic effect.
If you’re in the mood to spend a bit more, then re-upholster one of your odd chairs (or maybe just buy one – depends on your shopping mood, really)
Velvet Floral Upholstered Chair via
or just add the colours as accents to your chair.
Small accents of colour – lavender flowers, chartreuse cushion and a deep plum throw add so much oomph to a room decorated in neutrals!
Inspired? Create the look using some of these products:

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Enjoy the process of ideation, collecting and doing up your space. Happy decorating!
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XO, Nupur
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