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My heart beats for Street food: In Cambridge today – Part I

Cambridge, is a gorgeous little place, tucked away in the East of England, known the world over for its amazing University, of course! But, what people don’t know is that it is also blessed with an array of yummy street food too! From French crepes, Middle-Eastern falafels, Belgian waffles, British pasties, German and British sausages to Ostrich burgers….you have it all! Truly, giving you food from across the world, primarily using locally sourced ingredients as far as possible.

Little roadside cafes co-exist and make it a great place for a traveller. Have a go at punting and then give your body some yummy street food to regenerate here too…all here, all in this wonderful place. If you are in the mood for it, you can order an Indian ‘thali’ from the local restaurant, that will be served to you while you are on the punt. Enjoy the food whilst listening to the stories of all the colleges by the students themselves.

Unusually quiet on a rainy day

As I set out today to meet some of these lovely people, it turned out to be a rainy day and the road side cafes were empty, the punts not busy (well, perhaps a good day for you to try punting yourself!) but a very busy market square with a  huge variety of yummy street food options 🙂


Try them at

  • Cambridge Crepes : Located in the heart of Cambridge City centre, opposite NEXT clothes store on Sidney Street. Their menu includes a range of sweet and savoury fillings. Try the Nutella, Banoffee, Apple & Cinnamon and Cheese & Mushroom!
Serving a variety of crepes – now buckwheat (kutoo too)
The most amazing people who always love a great natter and make delicious crepes too
  • Crepe Affaire: Or in the scenario that it is raining, like it was today, walk into Crepe Affaire, located on 66, Bridge Street, this is a British chain offering a fairly exhaustive menu and serve waffles, hot drinks and ice creams as well. My pick – fresh strawberries, chocolate and cream (bit of a sweet tooth issue)


  • Taste of Cambridge: Located on Market Street, alongside Holy Trinity Church and just opposite Fat Face, Taste of Cambridge is a “go-to”place for falafels. Try the ‘Fiery falafel’ with extra harissa 🙂 or just the plain garden falafel
Never tasted better falafel wraps than these..the chutney, the roasted veg, simply add to the taste of falafels
The choices….too many!


For a truly local Cambridge experience, buy some artisan bread, some fresh cheese, coffee or fresh juice, sit near any of the colleges (or wherever you fancy! ) and enjoy! It’s an experience by itself…I promise!

Fresh Bread

  • Earth Crust BakerySelling at a stall in the market square, earth crust bakery boasts of making ‘real bread’ as compared to an industrial loaf. Real bread apparently takes 16-20 hours to make as compared to 90 minutes for an industrial loaf. The taste speaks for itself – must try!
Fresh;y baked – you will be transported to France with the first bite
And some more…catering to your sweet tooth too

Fresh Cheese from primarily the UK and Europe

  • CheesestallLocated in Cambridge’s historic market, Cheese Stall has a variety of over 75 freshly made cheeses with no additives. They take pride in discussing their cheeses with their customers, so don’t hesitate to ask.
Some cheese for you Madam?

Traditional Sausages and more at RJs – they celebrate the history of Cambridge

street-food-Traditional-sausages-with mustard-fried-onions
Traditional sausages with mustard, fried onions…the works



Dimsums, anyone?


Nothing to beat coffee and cake on a rainy day

Real beans, real coffee..perfect with the food you have just picked up


Or would you rather have fresh juice? Gorgeous fresh fruit juices available here

Spoilt for choice, again!

It is very, very hard to spot a McDonald or a Burger King in the Cambridge square…Can you spot one of these in the picture below?

Did you notice how McDonald is not allowed to have their name / board displayed outside? Not good enough of Cambridge, I suppose 🙂

Tempted yet, to pay Cambridge a visit yet? I hope you enjoyed a virtual street food tour of Cambridge…We will soon be presenting to you part II of this series…Another town, another land, different food! The joys!!


Shilpa xx