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So many shoes, just two feet

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“So many shoes, and just two feet” – so true! Do you recall ever having said, “Oh! I feel like flats today” or “I might have to walk a kilometer or two – let me not wear these stilettos, but the others don’t match with what I am wearing – I need new shoes!”. We need shoes for days we need to walk a bit or run around, shoes for the festive, indian feeling or the perfect pair for the important meeting. Add the dimensions of colour and style to this and feel the magic 🙂 Can a woman ever have too many shoes? I think, not.

Without further ado, let me take you through the journey of a woman’s shoe closet – the quintessential styles and the colours she ought to have. Take a stock of what you have and what you need, browse through our picks, and if you do like something, just go and buy it – don’t think too much about it (this advice comes from my personal experience – the more you think, the higher chances that you will not buy)

1. The Ballerina Pumps, moccasins and slip-ons – wear them for a casual day out, to the shops, work or even a party. Comfortable and chic. They are usually worn with skinny jeans, cropped pants, shorts and capris, but it’s your choice, your style.

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2. The Kitten Heels – wear them when you want to dress up, add a formal touch to your ensemble, yet stay comfortable and feel stylish. Wear them with formal work wear or a stylish evening dress. The heels typically would not be more than 2 – 2.5″

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3. Stilettos – something about stilettos that adds to your confidence and sex appeal. Maybe because you ‘have to’ walk gracefully, feel taller than the rest and makes you feel slimmer. Now who doesn’t want that? Whatever the reason, every woman should own at least one pair of stilettos. There are people who would NEVER, EVER wear them, but cannot deny their appeal.

Gorgeous collection at Zara and Inonit. Have a look.

4. The Flat sandals/chappals – for the times when you want to let the casual vibe flow, strap on a pair of flat sandals. They look great with ankle length denims, skirts or even a salwar kameez. One of my favourites, I try to have one in each colour. How can I possibly not mention ‘Kolhapuris’ and the ‘bejeweled wedding fare’?

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5. Boots – ankle length or knee – with winter knocking our doors, boots are an essential piece of footwear in our closet. Ankle length, calf length or knee length, there is one pair just right for you. While the essential Black and Tan coloured boots are commonly found, there is a plethora of other designs and colours available.

6. Shoes – whether you are athletic or not, a pair of walking/ running shoes is an item you will treasure on those days when comfort is key – maybe on a long journey, a trek or even walking in a difficult terrain.

I am a ‘ballerina flats’ and ‘flat sandals’ person, though I love my boots and running shoes. What is you favourite ‘go-to’ pair?

XO, Nupur

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