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Where there is tea, there is hope

Good morning People! It’s Monday, again! Grateful for being alive, healthy and looking forward (not!) to the hard work lined up for me this week. A cup of ‘chai’ or coffee is the best way to start the day for me. In fact, I can’t really decide whether I am a ‘chai’ drinker or a coffee drinker! It does depend on my mood and the time of the day, really! First thing on a week day, I want ‘chai‘, but somehow on the weekend, I wake up craving a nice, aromatic coffee! I enjoy them both. This post aims to enlighten you a bit, give you a virtual treat of your favourite snack as you enjoy your mid morning cuppa at work.

The saga of ‘chai’ began the day some dried tea leaves just landed in a bowl of hot water, that was being served to the Chinese Emperor Shen Hung, dating back to 2737 BC. Centuries later, milk and sugar started to be added and some call this act, ‘pure barbaric‘!

Is there a perfect cup of tea? To me, there certainly is. I used to love my chai with a dash of milk and little sugar. Now, I have taught myself to ‘love’ green tea and I sometimes, though wrongly, refer to it as ‘chai’! Apparently, there is a science behind getting the right cup of tea.  George Orwell put forward the recipe for a perfect cuppa, way back in 1946, which was then tested by Dr. Stapley of Loughborough University.  The grand scientific verdict was that ‘Milk always before water’. Ok, no more chitter-chatter. Enjoy your cuppa in peace and with these pictures:

Chai, anyone? This is bought to you, all the way from Dishoom, London
Samosa calling! – ‘Kulhad waali chai’ with a samosa – heaven! via
High tea – maybe at the Ritz, London – spoil yourself! or treat yourself to a gorgeous cup via
At bedtime, after a long day, isn’t it just right to just relax with a book and a hot cup of chai?

Chai, to me tastes great in a clear glass or a ‘kulhad’, served with a samosa or a ‘bread pakora’,  just like it was intended to be and tea tastes great in a gorgeous bone china cup and saucer, sitting next to a slice of a welcoming victoria sponge cake. Notice the difference between ‘chai’ and ‘tea’? Or, its is just me that finds a world of difference between the two? Never mind…tell me, how do you like your hot beverage? It’s monday! Let your favourite warming beverage bring cheer….Have a happy week folks! As the wise people say, ‘Where there is tea, there is hope’


Shilpa xx


Cover photo: via