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Timri – Styling you the chic and casual way


I love clothes, jewellery, shoes and bags…and indeed, I love shopping too, but I am notjustashopper (Oh! I had to add this little bit here).  To keep up with my love of  ‘all things nice’, I continuously scout around for shops and stores, and on one such search, I came across, ‘Timri’. Actually, I was inspired by picture of a dear friend (cover photo) in one of Timri’s gorgeous dresses..It’s casual, it’s chic and like they themselves say, it is geared towards ‘women who are comfortable in their skin, love their curves and are fun loving’. No pretending to be what you are not, be content, be happy, be you….

I now present to you, the collection that I think is amazing and makes me wish, I was living closer to their beautiful outlet in Bangalore. Ready for some visual treats? Here goes:

Bags at Timri – Simply gorgeous
Timri -Silver earrings
Timri – Jewellery – gorgeous, hand made
Timri – A gypsy skirt – feel the freedom
Timri – Ikat footwear – pretty and comfortable
Timri – Pretty in white and blue

Oh! I could go on and on, posting pictures of their lovely collection, but I need to stop. If you happen to be in Bangalore, why don’t you drop by and have a browse for yourself or if in a distant land, then have a look at their collection online. Happy days!

Timri can be found at:  Lake View Farm, Varthur Main Road, Siddapura, Bangalore, India 560066

Phone no: +91 96112 55663




Shilpa xx