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Wrap a ‘Puraani Dilli’ Scarf

Whether away from India or living in the country itself, carrying a part of it around your neck as a scarf will always make your heart sing. ¬†There is something about Mughal history that I have always loved, and this may have now extended to my love for Dilli…Made by Shahjahan and did serve as the capital at the time of the Mughals too. Of course, after the 1857 revolt, the British did move the capital to Calcutta but ‘Purani Dilli’ is where the heart always will be…The best food walks, the best heritage sites, the buzz, the feel, the drama….priceless!

So, if you can’t be just take yourself there when the heart fancies, I suggest, you throw this scarf from Play Clan¬†around you…and you will almost be transported there…Feel the love, people!

XO, Nupur


via Play Can


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