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Black, is it your style?

There is something about the colour black…it transforms an ordinary outfit into something that is a lot more glamorous, instantly! Whether it be a saree, a suit , a blouse or just a straight cut top, it makes the whole attire come across as a lot more formal. These days, most women own a LBD…however, in the world of my wardrobe, there isn’t a LBD, but there certainly is a black saree, several black cardigans, black trousers, black long skirts, plenty black tops/ blouses in different shapes and sizes and of course a black scarf/ stole!

My friends and family know that I love colours…I love black too because there is nothing you can’t achieve with the colour black. I have picked a few of ‘my favourite black things‘ for you in this post. If you fancy getting any of these looks, then I would suggest that you find yourself a nice, clever tailor or a boutique, with great embroidery and colour knowledge. Try scouting for some fabrics at Lajpat Nagar if you’re in Delhi or outsource that to the boutique if you trust them with their choice of fabric. Then, sit back and allow your imagination coupled with the specialist’s skills to dress you!. You will not only be able to replicate these looks, but perhaps even make them a shade or two better!

If finding a tailor isn’t your thing, then you can of course rent an amazing oufit from the likes of Runway fashion (you can get custom-made outfits here too!). If you are looking to stock up on stylish, day wear tops, or work wear of any kind, then look no further than Kaaryah. If you happen to be in my city (Delhi, of course!), and need a blouse stitched for a special saree for that special event, then look no further than Eve’s Tailor, in GK I M Block Market (not online but call him @011-29237843, 41631378) and I promise that money paid to him will be well spent! There are several tailors out there….google and read reviews or best, find the one with a good reference….the old fashioned way 🙂

What can a black saree worn with a well stitched golden blouse not achieve?  via
A ghagra, perhaps stitched from an old saree…search the old trunks and get creative  via
A shawal/stole that will surely leave an impact. Camels on a black canvas…Find a tailor and get one made  via
Black and silver…what’s not to like! The fitting, the fabric…totally brilliant!  via
Kalamkari fabric splashed on black for instant colour…Get one made that fits you beautifully, like second skin almost… via
Gold, black and white..traditional, simple and elegant… via

Buy them or get them made – the choice is yours. I’ve not been very lucky when it comes to buying Indian-wear in black that’s actually up my sleeve! Either it is too gaudy, blingy or too dull. So, more often than not, I end up calling my tailor to make just what I am looking for. India has the most amazing collection of tailors, who will create just about anything that you can imagine, in a fabric of your choice, of course! So, don’t wait anymore…Imagine an outfit, get a fabric (preferably black!), visit a tailor and be transformed!

You’ve got a favourite tailor? Share your secret and spread the joy of well-fitting clothes…sometimes in colour, but for now in black!

Shilpa xx

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