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Amazing finds at Delhi Christmas Markets and Gourmet High Street

I had the busiest weekend, and it’s taken me all of Monday to recover! Well, that was on a lighter note, but with so much happening in the city, it was difficult to avoid the buzz and excitement. Two Christmas markets – the Oz Haat on Saturday (6th December), The German Christmas market on Sunday (6th and 7th December) and the Gourmet High Street in Gurgaon (5th to 7th December). I wish I could be present for all the events, but alas! that was physically not possible as I do let my lazy side take the better of me once a week (at least!).

Saturday kick started with the Oz Haat, the Christmas market at the Australian High Commission! Though I had planned to go to the German christmas market straight from there, couldn’t get myself to miss the fun! In my earlier post on Christmas Markets, I had mentioned something about remembering to carrying a Photo ID…and did I forget that? Well, almost! Thankfully I found a photo ID in my bag that was acceptable…phew!

My little one couldn’t contain her excitement on seeing so many people, colours and loads of open space! It was a delightful experience for children with so many events and activities lined up – from the cookie decoration, to a magic show…and even ‘cricket bowling’ for the older children! The atmosphere was festive and cheerful! Lovely music, great food, and lots to shop…shopping, where you would contribute to a causesomething, we at Notjustashopper believe in. The beautiful lawns of the Australian High Commission were dotted with colourful stalls of NGOs selling beautiful products.

Christmas Market, Oz Haat New Delhi 2014

Our first stop was the MESH stall selling mostly toys…and what a big crowd puller! Beautiful stuffed toys made of organic cotton…delightful to say the least 🙂

Stuffed Toys from MESH
Indian Family – stuffed toys from MESH

Katha had a stall too, selling lovely books for children of all ages…I found some interesting ones illustrated by Gond and Madhubani Artists! Beautiful!


Just as I was stopping to look at every stall, there was an announcement that the fashion show was about to begin to the beats of Afreen Afreen…and a fashion show with a difference!


Another stop for me was a stall selling hand crafted mats and accessories. products made of banana fibre and hibiscus fibres. Sudha, the lady managing the foundation was very kind and explained the process in great detail. We’ll speak to her sometime soon, and get you more details.


Many more people and many more things to eat – Chez Nini had a stall, and was it busy! Crowded! Of course, the desi I am, I got my hands on some delectable rajma-chawal seasoned with ghee and some green chutney on the side! Yummy! Some coffee from Costa and mud pie from Chocotain…what more could I ask for 🙂 I was fortunate to meet some lovely people and I would be sharing a lot more with you in the coming weeks.

The German Christmas market was overcrowded – people jostling for space to stand in spite of a fairly high entry fee. Shabnam, a dear friend was there and enjoyed Bratwurst (sausages) with potato salad and the lovely waffles dusted with some sugar! Of course, there was much more to see and enjoy, but I was meaning to catch the Gourmet High Street in Gurgaon!

Maybe not such a good idea considering the traffic on the roads, and check-posts after every few minutes! Delhi seemed to be on high vigil!

The Gourmet High Street was Gurgaon’s first food and wine festival. This was the first year, and they had so many culinary Guru’s lined up! Vikas Khanna -Michelin starred Indian Chef & Restaurateur, Manish Mehrotra of Indian Accent, Kunal Kapur of The Leela, Nishant Choubey of Dusit Devarana, Anahita Dhondy of the lovely eatery Sodabottleopenerwala, Kishi Arora of Foodaholics and a few more!

Here are some glimpses of the treats and fun at the annual fest! For those of you who missed it this year, please make sure to book your places well in advance for next year.

Parsi Cuisine demonstration by Anahita Dhondy
Kunal Kapur and Sarah Todd

Chef Thomas Lionel Blanchard

Culinary masterpiece by Chef Kunal Kapur

The Sipping Turf
The Sipping Turf


Chef Thomas Lionel Blanchard's Epicurean Delight

Manish Mehrotra fare - 2

There was a shopping section too, devoted to all-things-gourmet. It was like a speciality food market where you could first see how the ingredient could be used and tasted like, before buying it! Novel indeed! I suppose, this is going to be even better than the BBC Food show that is held in the UK a few times a year. Good luck to them.

The Gourmet High Street festival was enjoyed by many people and you can read that in the innumerable reviews online, but the happiness on the people’s faces wasn’t something that any review could capture. Enthralling experience indeed, and we look forward to more next year!

The weekend buzz calmed down gradually, on Sunday evening but the euphoric experience of the weekend that a lot of people experienced will always be cherished as a ‘happy memory’. We’ll keep you posted on more such events all through this month, and as we welcome the New Year!

On this happy note, I’ll sign off! Au revoir folks!

XO, Nupur


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