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Handcrafted mug for your cuppa?

Mugs and that too hand crafted, have a special place in my life. Is it the same for you or am I being a bit dramatic here? In all honesty, I am always on the lookout for new mugs for my hot beverage (I know, terrible consumerism!), as I believe there is a special one out there being made, or one that has already been created, just waiting to find a place in my home.

During one such expedition, I came across this, and, of course! I had to share it with you. Created by the lovely folks at Kuprkabi, these will not only hold your beverage, but will make you feel so in tune with nature.  As if this wasn’t enough, it also carries this beautiful message: ‘ कुदरत का येह तोहफा माटी मुजसे बातें करती है. मेरे हल्के से स्पर्श से ही कुछ अद्भूत आकृती बन जाती है. वा रे माटी, तेरा जवाब नहीं’.

Tempted? Get it on Engrave’s website, right here:

Enjoy your cuppa, people!

Shilpa xx


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