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‘Darzi’ ka brilliance with Khadi – Creating masterpieces

We in India, sometimes take our independence and  ‘darzi’ (also referred to as masterji, lovingly) for granted! Both need to be respected, cherished and valued!  I know, very dissimilar topics of discussion but since it is our 66th Republic day celebrations today, maybe, I am getting a bit nostalgic, especially as I am so far away from home. Having read ‘My experiments with the truth’ recently, I am thinking about the man who simply loved ‘khadi’ and how he would have reacted, if he was still alive to see how fashionable that fabric has become, not just in India but all over the world!

Sitting here in Cambridge, when sometimes I am out shopping in search for an outfit, hoping it fits right to find out that it is sometimes a wee bit too tight or on the odd occasion,  slightly lose at places, I am reminded of my really, creative talented ‘darzis’ who stitched all my saree blouses, suits and even trousers with such amazing skill! I miss you all terribly and this post is dedicated to you, wonderful people!  I hope you are creating even better masterpieces with each passing day.

Your ‘darzi’ aka tailor naturally became an extended part of your family. True, isn’t it? He remembered all your preferences, likes and dislikes and more importantly, what the rules were with regards to what your mother would  ‘allow‘ you to wear! Sometimes, he had his own rules too, often saying ‘beta, blouse ka neck isse deep nahin hoga‘ meaning that the neckline in a saree blouse being stitched for me would not have a plunging neckline, even if I would have preferred it to be a wee bit more deeper! Those were his rules and you know what?  We respected those, even though, not always agreed with the rules!

Back to creating masterpieces with ‘khadi’!  There is no style that one cannot create with this fabric and most importantly without losing any of the ‘comfort’ quotient!  If you don’t have a huge collection of this fabric, then have a  browse of the pics below, choose your favourite ‘khadi’ fabric and go straight to your favourite darzi’s shop. Maybe, choose the colours of our tricolour even…

Khadi Achkan jacket in Navy - how stylish! via
Khadi Achkan jacket in Navy – how stylish! via
Wear khadi to be comfortable yet stylish via
Wear khadi to be comfortable yet stylish via
Khadi - soft and beautiful via
Khadi – soft and beautiful via
Straight lines spun in khadi via
Straight lines spun in khadi via


Khadi saree - embroidered too - Simply adding to the elegance via
Khadi saree – embroidered too – Simply adding to the elegance via

Exciting, isn’t it? The winter will soon turn into spring and that is when your lovely wardrobe in ‘khadi’ will be put to great use. I am sure you have your favourite ‘darzi’, but I will give some recommendations from my lovely family and friends in this post too, just in case you are new to the area and maybe looking for something different.

When in Delhi, do stop by Grover tailors, based out of Khan market, in  Delhi. They have had the honour of creating pieces for the famous, including Cherie Blair (fancy adding your name to this clientele?).  Then, of course, there are famous Roopak tailors of Delhi. However, one of my new interesting finds is an online tailor called ‘Runway Fashion‘. They will make you just about anything that you fancy, taking inspiration from even a picture, I am told and they do a great job too.

Alternatively, you go to your very own tried and tested ‘darzi’ and get him stitching!

Happy Republic day, lovely readers! Enjoy and cherish every moment of independence, they are precious, indeed!

Shilpa xx


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