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Dining room Styling tips

The Dining room and the kitchen are the heart of your home, especially, if you happen to have a kitchen-diner! In my opinion, a dining room needs a lot of love and affection but sadly, we tend to ignore it most times, settling to decorate it with furniture that is easily available.  This point came to light quite recently, when my sister started her project for creating a new decor for her new home. The dining furniture available on the internet, shops looked pretty much the same everywhere! So much dark wood around too…I know it does look elegant and has it’s own place but what about some other lighter looks…The more the light, the happier the room, in my humble opinion, anyway! I am no interior designer myself (though, my sis did train as one in her previous life), so I did a little bit of research and came up with lots of ideas and tips, which I have now tried to put together in this post for you, lovely readers. You do up your home, your way…it has to be your style, your personality and should make you happy…Give these tips and ideas a read, but then paint it with your very own brush!

Lovely readers, please listen up! We, in India have a large pool of most amazingly talented carpenters and designers around, so why do we need to settle for something that doesn’t warm the heart? If you can’t find what you are looking for in shops, then get together your ideas, perhaps a furniture designer / carpenter and commence your project.

Make your dining room the most cosy, comfortable room, where discussions and laughter can carry on for hours and the family bonds get stronger with every meal.

I have included some of our favourite ideas for your dining room and have also included some tips from interior designers from across the world. Hope you enjoy the read and I really hope you can add a certain ‘oomph’ factor to your dining area. Let’s begin with the top five styling tips:

Styling tip 1:

37-101DesignerSecrets_Brewton-lgn Styling tip 2:

Curtains - a must

Styling tip 3:


Styling tip 4:


Styling tip 5:

Styling tip dining

For me the styling tip about not having comfortable chairs is funny and a favourite 🙂 Now, let’s have a little look at some pictures of pretty dining rooms…Create your best looking and feeling dining room where your loved ones can relax and share their moments of the day…Let’s get looking:

Dining table shouting out 'please don't take my sunshine away' via
Dining table shouting out ‘please don’t take my sunshine away’ via
Dining the colonial way via
Dining the colonial way via
Dining the chic, rustic and classy way via
Dining the chic, rustic and classy way via
Dining - the Eclectic way via
Dining – the Eclectic way…spaces for books, cooking and eating  via
Dining table - a great space saver via
Dining table – a great space saver and very comfortable as a day office too  via
dining sunshine in bright yellow with some red via
Dining sunshine in bright yellow with some red via
Dining - the Norwegian way and with an upcycled table via
Dining – the Norwegian way and with an up-cycled door, now in the new life of a table via

So, what do you reckon? Time to give your lovely dining room, a little bit of TLC? I think so….Is there anything else that you would like to suggest? What is it that you have done to your dining area, that makes it ‘your own’?  Happy decorating folks!

Shilpa xx

Cover Image: via

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