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Eat Healthy but not boring!

Eating well doesn’t mean being boring, it really doesn’t! There are so many people out there, making a living by helping us get back onto the  ‘healthy eating’ regime but most of us still manage to fail, because most ‘diet’ foods on offer today are either laden with artificial sweeteners or simply plain boring and repetitive!

I am told that the most powerful and successful mantra is ‘eat less and exercise more’…Well, sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? But is it? Not for me, certainly. I have tried every ‘diet’ plan under the sun but I am still searching for a miraculous ‘new’ plan, that will allow me to munch on ‘chevda’ and chips and still get the weight off! I wish there was a magic wand that would though….Is there anyone out there, even remotely similar to me? I love food, I enjoy it far too much to simply choose to live on just fruit and yoghurt or salad! So, here is the deal…I am now on the lookout for interesting and tasty meals that fill me up and provide a Satisfaction Quotient of 100%, that actually will stop my ‘munch, munch and munch some more throughout the day act!

Here are some slightly different recipes from across the world, that I have since tried and am quite happy with each one of them – well, that’s why they are here in this post! They all are simply delicious, quite filling, in a nice sort of way and keep the ‘munching monster’ away too! They work…Give them a go…

Sweet potato - our very own 'shakarkand' taking on a 'pad thai' version via
Sweet potato – our very own ‘shakarkand‘ taking on a ‘pad thai’ avatar via
Healthy? Of course...Make your pretend rice...with cauliflower and enjoy...similar to the filling of a 'gobhi paratha' via
Healthy? Of course…Make your ‘pretend rice’ with cauliflower and enjoy…similar to the filling of a ‘gobhi paratha’ but eaten with chopsticks  via
Broccoli and Tofu in a stir-fry...Satisfying quotient - high! via
Broccoli and Spicy Tamari (really, yummy and wheat free!) Tofu in a stir-fry…Satisfaction Quotient – High! via
Healthy start to your day – Eggs with spinach – Baked Elegance via
A peanut soup or have with rice...
A peanut based curry from Africa to have with rice or couscous or by itself as a soup – Satay in a soup – Delish!  via 

Now, hunger pangs started already? Which out of these will you be trying out tonight? They are all here to please, with a very, very high Satisfaction Quotient….So, get cooking and hope this year is kind to each one of us.

Happy healthy, yummy cooking, people!

Shilpa xx


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