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Magnets by Matsya

Magnets are a great way to bring back memories of your travels and often work as a simple tool to help you capture the special moments of your life.

If you live in India (which most of our lovely readers do) or have been lucky enough to travel to India, then, you surely must have experienced a ride in the much loved ‘auto rickshaw‘ at some point at least!

I remember my multiple arguments with the ‘auto wale bhaiyas’ when it came to paying the fare, as I always believed (to be fair, most of us living in Delhi, do) that their meter was rigged! Rigged or not, there was entertainment everyday and what better way to remember those rides, than with these gorgeous hand made magnets, created by artisans and brought to us by Matsya.

Order your little ‘auto rickshaw’ memory, today from: Gaatha

Wishing all the ‘auto wale bhaiyas’, happy days!

XO Nupur

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