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Re-cycling your electronics

Everyone seems to be talking about re-cycling these days. I can begin this post by throwing figures and statistics about how much waste we are throwing out of our houses and straight to the garbage piles but I won’t! We are all aware that we need to change our lifestyles a little to make our country and hopefully the planet a wee bit better. Aware we already are, now, all we need to do is take action and do our bit!

Re-cycling isn’t a new phenomenon for us. We are just trying to do it better now, just trying to keep up with today’s culture of replacing things far too quickly! Increasing the re-cycle effort to keep up with the ‘throwaway’ culture! So, lovely readers, find your once precious things, a new home, just don’t discard them and fill up the landfill or the ‘katchra’ sites, please!

This post is going to be focussing on re-cycling of your electronics – your mobiles, mp3s, computers, infact just about any gadget that now is no longer required in your home. A few questions, first:

  • Did you know that you could get money for re-cycling your mobile?
  • Did you know that any of your electronics gadgets can now be collected from the comfort of your own home?
  • Did you know there are some very creative people out there, who are creating the best looking art, jewellery and even stationery using these products, which otherwise would have just gone and piled themselves onto the landfill sites!

Now, is the time, when you are supposed to say, ‘I am in, too…I want to know more about how I can re-cycle more’. There are companies out there, who can help you do all of the above. Isn’t this brilliant? Share this information with all your family and friends and spread the joy.

Companies such Attero, Karma re-cycling, E-Parisaraa, Sims re-cycling solution are some of the companies that are taking re-cycling to the next level. They all specialise in re-cycling your electronics waste or e-waste as it referred to. Also, is included the IT (computer related) wastes. So, do give them a call or message them to understand how you could earn by re-cycling goods you don’t need anymore.  Do it today, feel good and make your wallet heavier too!

While you go away and figure out how to re-cycle even more, some very creative people in this world, will buy these products that you have re-cycled and make some fine jewellery pieces, fine art or perhaps even various home products that could find a place in your home! All given a new lease of life, thanks to you 🙂

Have a look at these products, aren’t they pretty? We need to get some of our lovely jewellery and product designers to get creating these too, that is if isn’t been done already…Enjoy the read, folks!

Bracelet made from printer cables - clever and worldwide shipping or make your own via
Bracelet made from printer cables – clever and worldwide shipping available too or better still, make your own via
Re-cycled keyboard for a stationery holder – Brilliant ! via
Earrings out of a circuit board - Yummy! via
Earrings out of a circuit board – Yummy! via
Eletronics re-cycled into a star wars look alike lamp shade ?perfect for that start wars fan via
Computer parts re-cycled into a spaceship look alike lamp shade? Perfect for that star wars fan via

Before, I close this post, I must give you details of the e-waste re-cycling companies I mentioned earlier. Here goes:

  • Attero: Sell your used electronics gadgets on:
  • E-Parisaraa: Email them on
  • Karma Recycling :

These are just a few. There are lots others who have now streamlined ‘radii’ as in old newspaper collection. That is a topic in itself and I will talk about it another time.

Wouldn’t it be nice if some of these companies could think about installing an eco-ATM machine, like the ones in the US, where you put in your mobile phone or the mp3 for re-cycling and it gives out cash in return. I’ve never seen one myself but it does take re-cycling of electronics to another level. Making re-cycling extremely easy and do-able!  One day, I am sure…

Until then, happy re-cycling, folks!

Shilpa xx








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