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Blissful Whites and perhaps some colour

‘Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman’  said Coco Chanel. With Holi just around the corner, followed by lovely, long summer months, the ‘need’ to own a range of white clothing has increased. Splashes of colour against a backdrop of white is totally stunning, especially for ‘Holi’! So, as you can guess, this post is going to be all about inspiring you, nagging you, even pushing you to get some more ‘whitey whites’ to your collection.

A very important point to remember is that the whites have to be at their ‘whitest’ best for the colours to stand out and shout out ‘welcome spring’. From time immemorial, the fabric detergent companies have been educating us on getting pure whites looking their best. Remember the jingle, ‘Washing powder Nirma…..’. Have a look to refresh your memory:

Having lots of whites hanging in your wardrobe is almost mandatory for this time of the year. A white kurta paired with any sort of pants, trousers is so calming and cooling. So, here we have some inspirational dresses for you. Get inspired!

White and comfortable - perfect with a pair of jeans via
Breezy and comfortable – perfect with a pair of jeans via
Summers...I look forward to more sunshine and laughter via
Summers…I look forward to more sunshine and laughter via
It's soft, it's white, it's the best friend that your skin needs via
Linen Dress – It’s soft, it’s white, it’s the best friend that your skin needs via
 Linen Balloon trousers for perfect summer comfort via
Styling it right….pair white linen with a chic grey top via
The quintessential white shirt…a wardrobe staple via
The casual white shirt and blue jeans…who doesn’t have that …via
White with white ... but with a splash of colour via
Whites with just a splash of colour via
White with a hint of gold .... pure elegance via
Pristine with a hint of gold …. pure elegance via
Whites – Elegance and royalty…via

White clothes are brilliant and so important for the warmer months….People with dark skin, olive skin, or tanned skin (most of us in India would fall into one of these categories) can wear white effortlessly, which is a great thing, isn’t it? Flowing kurtas, lovely soft linen shirts or even long layered skirts…all in white….the list is endless. Let your imagination run wild and get the calm, serene, cool and classy look with your ‘whites’ collection!

‘Hello warmer months’, let’s shout out together…

XO Nupur


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  1. How can I buy your dresses, you don’t make it clear.

    1. Thankyou for writing. We don’t currently sell on the blog, but each post has a link to the source of the photograph or the store you can buy from.
      Some posts are just for inspiration!