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Light up in style with floor lamps

Lighting can enhance the colours of a room, create drama and even set the mood. All sorts of lights are used in a home, some hang from a ceiling, some find home on the floor while others happily sit on a table, lighting corners and spaces. Also, string lights, if used sparingly can make a place come alive but ‘sparingly’ is the key word. In this post, we are just going to focussing on floor lamps. I think if used cleverly, they do make a room ‘talk’. So, let’s begin with some pointers that may come in handy when you next plan to re-arrange or buy lighting for your home.

  1. Use three of the four corners of a room for placing lamps and use a combination of some downward facing lamps and some upwards pointing create a wonderful effect in the room. Also, whilst doing so ensure that you create the focal point of the room by using one of these lamps with the light being thrown on perhaps a stunning chair,  a beautiful plant or a great piece of art.
  2. Apparently, a common misconception is that you would need to light up every corner of a room. It is recommended to blend multiple points of light. “The best-lit rooms have layers of light that blend well together,” says architect and designer David Rockwell. The right lampshade can make all the difference. Rockwell suggests bringing your low-wattage bulb to the store to try it with different shades and adds that adding a dimmer should be absolutely imperative. I read somewhere that dimmers are a gift from the decorating gods!
  3. Use floor lamps to create the ambience in the room while table lamps should ideally be used to create general lighting.
  4. Consider the function of the room before deciding on the lighting to be used there.
  5. Mix lamp styles, colours and patterns to add interest, but unite them by matching shades.
  6. Use string lights if you would like to create a vintage sort of look but do remember, that less is more.
  7. Pay attention to lampshade fabric. For diffused-looking light, go for linen or burlap. If you need brighter light, stick with crisp white. Do not forget to keep the cleaning needs of fabrics in mind. I would avoid anything that is difficult to dust and clean.
  8. Last, but certainly not the least – select lampshade shapes based on your decor. Choose drum shades for a modern or trasitional home, flute-shaped shades for a traditional home or just mix-and match as long as it fits in with your room story.

For those of you who are technically inclined, I found this article that you may like to read. It talks about 3 aspects – the colour temperature, lumen output and colour rendering index.

Like always, we believe that pictures do speaker louder than words and without further ado, we bring to you some pictures of some stunning floor lamps as a part of a general decor. Hope these inspire you and help you create the perfect-lit home for yourself.

It's coppe, it's stylish, it's pretty and it serves a purpose ... via
It’s copper, it’s stylish, it’s pretty and it serves a purpose … via
Beautiful flowers and leaves in a lamp shade, all the way from Italy ... via
Beautiful flowers and leaves in a lamp shade, all the way from Italy … via
Stunning floor lamp, made using MDF ... via
Stunning floor lamp, made using MDF … via
Retro floor lamp for your living room ... via
Retro floor lamp for your living room … via
Serene in white, with an element of class created by subtle use of wood.... via
Serene in white, with an element of class created by subtle use of wood…. via
White background while the lamps add to the colour ... via
White background, a black floor lamp while the lamps on the ceiling add to the colour … via
Light…For the vintage feel…via
Colours come to life with a cotton lamp ... via
Colours come to life with an inverted lamp shade … via
A wall art, a plant and a lamp .... via
A wall art, a plant and a lamp …. via

Did these inspire you? There are several online and physical places that you can get these lights in. This is just to get your creative juices flowing, whereby you will find something similar or alternately something that is perfect for your home and looks a tad similar to our inspirational pictures. Enjoy the process, the journey and then all the moments that you spend in that ‘well-lit’ home of yours.

Some home stylists have been often found saying that let the room that you are planning to decorate talk to you. Don’t buy all accessories and furniture as soon as you move in. Let the room tell you what it wants…Sounds bizarre? I promise you, it isn’t! The natural light of the room will also dictate how the rest of the lighting will work, the furniture and accessories that will be required. So, have patience, live and let the room do the talking.

Stay bright, stay focussed…

Shilpa xx


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