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Ek ‘roti’ ka sawaal….10 flatbreads from India

I have been off wheat for a few days…to be fair, there weren’t that many days since I last had a ‘roti’, but it did make me appreciate and made me realize how much I miss this humble flatbread!  To keep myself busy, I should’ve not really been thinking about food. However, I chose instead, rather wisely, to spend my days ‘ravaging’ on pinterest and several food sites to satiate my cravings for the humble ‘roti’. I couldn’t think of a better way to welcome wheat back into my life but with a delicious serving of Stuffed gobhi paratha with butter for my breakfast on the ‘welcome wheat back into your life’ day!

Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that…Well, it certainly did make me hate ‘wheat’ less, which has become a ‘bad’ word these days and instead, I spent my days of abstinence,  salivating about dipping a nice tandoori ‘roti’ or perhaps even a ‘naan’ in a ‘dal makhni’ or a ‘butter paneer masala’.  ‘Everything in moderation’ is the mantra, everyone ought to be following.

Before I get all excited and head to the kitchen to treat myself to one again, I must mention that no two kitchens can produce the same taste, especially when it comes to ‘rotis’ and ‘parathas’! I fail to understand the reason behind this but am ‘told’ by the experts that the quality of the ingredients (essentially, flour and water) makes all the difference. So, I have concluded that these ingredients in my part of the world are of inferior quality (of course,  remember it’s never the cook’s fault if the results are not up to the mark!). I do sincerely hope that your flatbread making adventures create amazingly, yummy versions, perhaps even tastier than the ones detailed below.

I will take this opportunity to present to you some of the most powerful flatbreads from across India.  How many of these have you tasted? The tastes, texture and flavours vary across regions and tasting them with regional dishes will make the journey just priceless. Let’s get exploring and tasting…

Flatbread #1 – Puffy, soft, warm and inviting…yours truly, ‘naan’..via
Flatbread #2 – Real ‘dhaba’ food – The sight of melting butter on a ‘stuffed’ tandoori ‘paratha’ will take your breath away  via
Flatbread # 3 – Makke de roti but in a different avatar, with sarson ka saag, of course! via
Flatbread #4 – Puran poli, the maharashtrian way, served with Daal Amti and Kadhi via
Flatbread #5 – Slightly sweetish Mangalore buns, served with a spicy dish is happiness for some via
Flatbread#6 – Flaky, flaky layers of paratha, served with just about anything …. via
Flatbread #7 -Where would the world be without these Gujrati ‘thepla’ ? via
Flatbread #8 – Kerela ‘paratha‘ turned into the tastiest ‘Kothu Parotha’ via
Make these 'kulchas' in your even and serve with finger licking 'chole' via
Flatbread #9 – Make these ‘kulchas’ in your oven and serve with finger licking ‘chole’ via
Flatbread #10 – The very delicious and nutricious multigrain flatbread- Thalipeethvia

We could give you some more of our finds, but something tells me that it’s time to close this post.  Do remember to have a look at the Kashmiri breads that we wrote about, not too long back.

Are you thinking about wandering into the kitchen at all?  It’s all very good to go ‘wheat free’ but now and again, you’ve got to be kind to your body…Nothing says ‘happy’ and ‘thank you’ like these wheat based breads do…So, get cooking!


Shilpa xx


Cover Image: via

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