Muted Mondays: Himachali Jewellery

Can you have too much of jewellery? Not in my world! Today, we are having a quick peep at the jewellery from the Himachal region. Recently, I came across a story that mentioned that some of Sita’s hair jewellery including the beautiful butterfly designs were hand crafted by the great silversmiths of the then Himachal region! I was totally fascinated by this and hence started by research into this. So, here I am, sharing some traditional designs with you…Hope you enjoy the next couple of minutes looking over this…


A beautiful antique himachali necklace over one hundred years; the cloisonné enamel jewelry characterizes the Kulu Valley via


Necklaces from Himachal via 1, 2, 3


Silver Rupee Necklace from Himachal Pradesh, India. | From 1920s colonial India. Intricately cut by a Himachali silversmith, it was worn as a charm for wealth and fortune. via Enamel and silver neck piece

Enamel and silver neck piece via

Himachal pendant

Silver pendant from Himachal with green and blue enamel work via


Antique tribal pendant in silver via

Traditional amulets in Silver from Himachal via

Kangra silver and enamel anklet via


Beautiful himachali bracelet called gojaru. A rare bracelet, it is made with small silver spikes in several rows via


Beautiful indian silver bracelet from Himachal Pradesh, called Banga. Decorated with repousée work and small spikes via

old himachal bracelet - 4

Small dangles and leaf shape pendants hang all around the cuff in chains! The rustic appeal of an antique bracelet via


Gorgeous earrings from the very beautiful state of Himachal via 1, 2, 3, 4

I must beg your pardon for not having included any of Sita’s butterfly designs (as specified in the legend, of course!) But my research into the region’s jewellery did lead me to some gorgeous designs from the region. Did these strike a chord with you? Do you want any of these already as part of your collection? Tell me all…

Have a happy, satisfying and productive week, people!