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Artisanal jewellery by Manifest Design

Minimalist, stylish, ‘no-fuss’, classy ‘conversation starter‘ – that is my idea of choosing accessories! Who doesn’t like a random person walking up to you and saying – “Wow! This bracelet you’re wearing is stunning! Where did you get it from?” Silly as it may sound, small things like these have an instant ‘feel good‘ quotient! I am always on the lookout for such accessories – pieces that are hand sculpted, have a story behind them and are simply gorgeous. I chanced upon one such online store that captivated me enough to base this entire post on them.

Introducing the gorgeous collection from Manifest Design! Proud to be a first generation family owned business based in India, Manifest Design is the ‘labour of love’ of siblings Manreet & Samraat Deol that established in the summer of 2013! Manreet is a product designer and the creative director of this venture while Samraat is the brand’s co-founder and the business/ operational brains behind the efficient e-commerce experience the website offers!

“Manifest Design is proud to present its collection of Sculptural Jewelry that is a mélange of Art, Fashion and everything Beautiful!We create timeless pieces that are thoughtfully handcrafted and have a soul that transcends style and cultural boundaries.We hope our Jewelry is collected and shared as mementos that infuse inspirations and rekindle forgotten dreams.”     – Team at Manifest Design

Manifest designs  - Founders Manreet and Samraat Deol
Manifest Design – Founders Manreet and Samraat Deol via

Every Manifest Design piece is truly a work of art using artisanal techniques and materials in a form that is rarely used for Jewellery making. For one of their collections, they used an ancient metallurgy technique of Sand Casting! Each design was first sculpted in clay using fine river sand mixed with molasses to create fine molds which were then cast in brass and aluminum! These one of a kind objects are then individually sanded and polished to complete the process.

Sand Casting - 1 Sand Casting - 2 Sand Casting - 3

The process sounds exotic, doesn’t it? Without further ado, here is a peek into their splendid collection, and I am sure you would want to pick most of them!

The Bangles & Bracelets

Ribbon Bangle

Quarry Bangles

Bangles galore

Sprout Bangle

Totem Bangles

The Pendants

Totem pendants

Totem pendant

MD - Pendants

Earrings and Hoops

Totem earrings

Ribbon Hoop Earrings



Lovely, aren’t they? They believe that all the little dents and nicks are signs of their pieces being entirely handcrafted by an Artisan and not mass-produced in a rubber mould.

You can buy the entire collection online from their website! Alternatively, they are available at the following stores in India:

    52-56 Dr V B Gandhi Marg
    Rhythm House Lane, Kala Ghoda
    Mumbai, Maharashtra400001, India
  • Amethyst
    Next to Corporation Bank, Whites Road
    Chennai, Tamil Nadu600014, India

If you’re in the US, you can pick your gorgeous pieces from  Designers LibraryThe Metropolitan Museum of Art StoreVOSS Art + Home and The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza

Connect with them on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram to know about the latest collections and updates!

I absolutely loved the collection, and the joy of bringing it to you lovely people! Till the next post, happy shopping!

XO, Nupur

Images Courtesy: Manifest Design



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