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Breezy Kota doria for the summers

It’s summer and everyone is after soft, comfortable fabrics. Mulmul and Kota Doria come to mind. I have grown up with seeing women in my family wear the most beautiful sarees in soft fabric,  a fabric that resembles a maths graph paper 🙂 Absolutely, love the teeny squares (referred to as ‘khat’ in the Kota saree world)! That’s the world famous Kota Doria saree I am referring to and this is what this post is all about.

Before we go any further, I ought to tell you a little bit about where this gorgeous, soft, airy fabric originated from. The story goes that between the 17th and 18th centuries the weavers from Mysore were brought over to Kota, a place in Rajasthan in India.  In fact, it was the great patron of crafts, Maha Rao Kishore Singh (1684-1695) who was responsible for this move.  These weavers settled in Kaithun village in the early 17th century and gradually grew in numbers. Kota Doria is also referred to as the ‘Kota Saree’ or the ‘Kota Masuria Saree’.

So, continuing the story, the weavers from Mysore decided to make home in Rajasthan and continued to create sarees, sometimes in cotton-silk that were light-textured and weightless with a unique gossamer finish and other times in just pure cotton (fairly stiff, I would say!). Since these artisans came from Mysore, the sarees they created are also referred to as Masuria Malmal as Mysore was earlier known as ‘Masuria’, the place where the weaving of this particular fabric actually originated.

Historically, Kota doria sarees were worn by the royalty of Rajasthan, as they were famously woven with real gold and silver threads! The other fact I found immensely interesting is that in the looming process of these sarees, the artisan uses the mixer of rice paste and onion juice. Interesting trivia! I could continue to write more about this fabric but not before I share this stunning collection with you:
Stunning Kota saree in a bright Indigo designed by Anju Modi via
Stunning Kota saree in a bright Indigo designed by Anju Modi via
Pretty in Kota via 
kota saree, handmade
Kota Dohria, the teeny squares just like in a Maths notebook via Lisa Mathew
Kota silk and gold by Gaurang Shah via
Kota silk and gold by Gaurang Shah via
As a young designer from NID, Lisa Mathew had worked on a project to develop a contemporary approach to Kota Doria sarees. Truely impressive. Read more about her project here.

There is a lot you can do with the humble kota doria! The dresses, the kurtas, dupattas…but the sarees steel the show for me. It is not just a simple printed saree on mathematical squares…there is a lot more and I hope, a glimpse of that is shown here…Keep looking, keep exploring and add a few of this soft, summer fabric to your wardrobe today.

Have a lovely week, people!
Shilpa xx
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