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Creating eclectic spaces with ease

Is having a ‘Vintage style’ eclectic home, the rage today? Or is it something that genuinely makes your house a home? The fact is that your home is a reflection of your personality, in fact a reflection of the personalities of all its inhabitants.  So, a room shouldn’t be decorated by simply imitating another look from another home, it’s got to be a reflection of the people living together.

Vintage and eclectic decorating perhaps means different things to different people.  To me, it should remind me of traditional (read hundreds of years old at least!), stylish, elegant and even colourful times of the past, of history that I read about only in books. Combine it with eclectic elements to bring attention to a corner or even a wall. Eclectic to me is ‘do what your heart says though try and make them sing together’.

Let me speak to you about my lounge…Picture this…Walk into a room with off-white walls. As you enter, on the left side against the wall is the piano, above which are hand made paintings of birds that have made their home in my little, back garden.  The adjacent wall is where the focal point of the room lies – it’s the home to the fireplace. A beautifully carved mirror in turquoise blue hangs above the mantle. Oh! the colours…don’t the colours just bring a room alive? I believe so…Move around the room to find black leather sofas, scattered with hand picked cushions in shades of red, pink and blue….A cream rug in the centre to offset it all. No room is complete without a tall plant with a floor lamp lighting up the room…and did I mention the ceiling lamp shade in shades of blue, red and crème…in fact, I have a couple of table lamps, surrounded green plants in some of the corners of the room…all gorgeous, all stunning…this sums up the room in my home, where I love to entertain…What would you call this kind of a décor? To me it has elements of ‘vintage’ and ‘modern’ styles…pretty much ‘eclectic’ but it all comes together beautifully…

I am no designer, but I love doing up places and here are some of my tips to get that ‘warm and happy fuzzy‘ feeling for your room with a touch of vintage and a dash of the eclectic…

  • Liven it up with Colours


50’s Suzani upholstered chair via
Love the colours on this chair via


Bright cushions in different sizes and shapes add pizzazz via
Mid century modern home with bright cushions via

 Browse through the collection of cushions at The Home Label, Jaypore, Good Earth and  India Circus! This is where I go to:)

 Rugs & Carpets

Bright eclectic rug via
Bright eclectic rug via

 Have a peek at Rugberry, Jaipur Rugs Co online or a host of other stores in your city to find  that perfect rug with the perfect pop of colour!

  • Mirror
Create a focal point with a mirror via
An Indian Style mirror adds drama and gives an earthy feel via
Repurposed window frame in a distressed turquoise finish via
Blend two different styles and add a dash of gold in your decor via
Add a mirror to tie-in different pieces and styles together for a happy room via

 Sometimes, you can get lucky and find wonderful mirrors in the most unexpected places ,like  flea markets or second-hand furniture markets (I did). Alternatively, design your own and get a  ‘mirror specialist’ to make it to order. Online…well, have a look at Fab Furnish.

  • Bring nature in with plants and flowers
Plants at different levels via
Plants at different levels add drama via
Bring in nature and warmth to your home via
Bring in nature and warmth to your home via
Standing tall in green via
Green and yellow happiness
Happiness – Green and yellow plant called the Song of India via
  • Co-ordinate and combine floor, ceiling and table lamps
Create a statement with this overpowering yet subtle floor lamp via
Create a statement with this overpowering yet subtle floor lamp via
Floor standing lamps in Rattan - stunning...via
Floor standing lamps in Rattan – stunning…via
Antique lights via
Antique lights via
Floor lamp made of cork...gorgeous via
Floor lamp made of cork…gorgeous via

 Do check out lamps collection at Sahil & Sarthak! I absolutely loved them. Another one is  The Purple Turtles store in Bangalore!

  • Say it with Paintings
Ganesha by Bharti Dayal
Ganesha by Madhubani artist Bharti Dayal via
Magical creation by Raja Ravi Verma via
Tanjore painting
Yashoda and Krishna – one of my favourite Tanjore Painting via

Take inspirations from nature, magazines and other homes that make your heart sing…Your family home is your castle, your haven…For me a little vintage with eclectic elements works wonders. What works for you?

Shilpa xx

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