Eid Mubarak!

Good morning folks and hope with all the shopping for Eid done, you are spending the day with your loved ones and of course, food!  Hope the day is going even better than you imagined. For me, talking (the next best thing than being there in person!) about Eid celebrations in Old Delhi is just the most brilliant way of soaking in the festivities. Without further ado, I share with you pictures taken by my lovely niece, when she was out for an ‘Iftaar’ meal in beautiful Old Delhi...Also, borrowed a few others from the world’s web. Enjoy the day and spread the joy, lovely people. Eid Mubarak, people!

old delhi

Stunning Old Delhi…the history, the architecture and the stories via:www

Eid in Old delhi

The food, the aroma…intoxicating!

Old delhi in pictures

Beautiful Architecture in Old Delhi…welcoming crowd of people to celebrate and eat together

Look at that curry...waiting for that freshly cooked roti to soak it all up

Look at that curry…waiting for that freshly cooked roti to soak it all up

Old delhi food walk

Been on a food walk in Old Delhi yet? If not, try and you won’t be disappointed!

Eid mubarak in old delhi

Beautifully decorated Old Delhi … Welcoming people to eat, shop and eat some more…

Old delhi ed ramadan paan

What better way to end your meal but with a sweet, nutty ‘paan’…

Hope all of you are having a happy day with family and friends, spreading the joy, soaking in the festivities of Eid and eating the best, possible food on this planet!

Stay happy, people!

Shilpa xx


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