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More Cushions?

Do you suffer from ‘cushion madness’ as I do? I am always on the look out for strange yet pretty cushions that sort of speak my mood out aloud and today, it was  Safomasi‘s ‘camel’ cushion’s lucky day as it caught my fancy 🙂 Well, this creative studio has oodles of style and charm that you can choose to bring into your home.

So, how about bringing a bit of ‘pushkar’, some traditional ‘mithai’ or just some cityscapes into your home? There is bound to be something that takes your fancy in the Safomasi collection, designed and created by Sarah Fotheringham and Maninder Singh in New Delhi.

For me, a picture of Maninder’s grandmother sitting next to a ‘charpai’ full of pompoms was just the nicest part of Safomasi; well their cushions and rugs aren’t bad either!

Style your home away!

Shilpa xx

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