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Dastkar Design Fair: Designers to look out for – I

The Annual Dastkar Design Fair is here!! Have you been told about this a million times already? Just one more time, because we really don’t want you to miss out on this if you’re in Delhi. Where else would you get so much amazing stuff under one roof! Well, not in many places, to be honest. If you haven’t already planned a visit to the fair, do so at the earliest and go treat yourself to that new jacket or perhaps a bag, treat your tummy to some finger-licking food, shop for some cushions for your home and soak in the immense beauty and craftsmanship put together by these very talented men and women. After all, you are notjustashopper, you are so much more

We have put together our favourite picks of designers from the ones participating in Dastkar Design Fair, that kicks off on 21st January and is on until 1st Feb, held at Andheria Modh, near the Chattarpur Metro station. So, with the coördinates out-of-the-way, here we go:


Indigene, run by the very talented Jaya and Ruchi is a place where you will find some elegantly beautiful indigenous apparel.  All clothing is hand crafted, with a focus on style, comfort and elegance. Jaya and Ruchi strongly believe in not chasing trends, instead focus completely on creating clothing that is stylish and easy to wear.

When you get yourself to meet these lovely girls at the Design Fair, be ready to shop as there would be some light weight khakis as well as some hand printed, naturally dyed clothes, that you just wouldn’t be able to say ‘no’ to! Why would you want to anyway? They are just going to be so perfect for the ‘not so distant‘ spring season!  If you’re thinking of ‘damages’, well…not much at all, you could own a signature Indigene piece for as little as INR 2,000. Not bad, is it?

Of course, sometimes life gets in the way and if ‘life’ stops you from visiting the design fair, then worry not! There is still hope as you can still get shopping for Indigene products at their studio in Lajpat Nagar-1 , Kilol store, GK-1 (some of the collection) and Anoothi, Malviya Nagar.
indigene_handmade_whites_dastkar design fair
This Indigene collection in pristine whites is a perfect welcome to ‘soon-to-spring’ spring
indigene_orange_handmade_dastkar design fair
Shades of orange and red with blue are an all-time classic…get these handcrafted pieces at Indigene


Poochki, the ‘textile wanderers’, as they like to be known, are typically very busy, collecting textiles and making memories. A brand started by Ishanee, a textile design graduate and Anirudh, a hotelier with the aim of promoting the textile hand skills of India. Currently, they are working with the great Master Craftsman Shree Arshad Kafeel from Pilkhwa for creating their unusual block prints that are typically inspired by fauna. If this wasn’t enough to get you excited, I must quickly add that you will also find some beautiful handwoven Ikat and Ajrak apparel as well and all of this created with comfort, easy wearability and just ‘you’ with urban needs in mind. With the price points being kind to your wallet (the range – INR1000 to INR6500), you should certainly stop and shop at their stall.

You can find their lovely products online – simply click away at: or get in touch with them on facebook / instagram. Though, I can’t emphasize enough the need to physically go to the fair  and once you find yourself there,  walk to Poochki (did I mention that this name was inspired by their favourite cat!), have a chat with the lovely Ishannee and Anirudh and treat yourself to something nice and gorgeous.
poochki_handblock_prints_dastkar design fair
Poochki hand block prints inspired by animals and winged creatures
Poochki_dastkar design fair
Hand block printed or ikat fabric …turned into gorgeous apparel by team Poochki

Pure Ghee

Pure Ghee, what a lovely name! This accessory brand that stands for quality and uniqueness (hence the name) creates bags that are made unique by the unusual materials, colours and craftsmanship. The brain child of Aditi Prakash, a post graduate from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, these bags finds inspiration in the length and breadth of the vast textile traditions of India. Whether it is a fabric from a fifth generation crafts family of Bhuj or from a kitschy ‘lungi’ spotted on the streets of Hyderabad! Each piece is handcrafted, quilted or backed for strength and each bag even come with its very own signature charm handmade from cloth trims and hand painted wooden beads from Varanasi.

Also, if this wasn’t enough to tempt you to head to their stall at the Dastkar Design fair, they also run a brilliant project, called the ‘Crazy Katran’, which focusses on up-cycling any fabric waste from their studio and empowering women. The fabric waste generated is collected and segregated according to colour, type of fabric and the size. The larger pieces of fabric are used to create the unique flower charms that are unique to all the bags. The smaller pieces are painstakingly quilted together to create a textured surface which is referred to as the “Crazy Katran” by them. Each piece, each charm, each surface is unique and never, ever replicated. 

While you may be intending to shop for a clutch, a tote or a ‘no fuss’ pouch, do look out for their trademark ‘gajras‘ and ‘flower power’ clips on display at the Design fair. Prices start at a very affordable Rs 250 for the flower power clips and go upto Rs 4800 for the Crazy Katran leather trimmed tote. Now, head straight to the design fair and see for yourself! 

crazy_katran_pureghee_dastkar design fair
The Crazy Katran collection at Dastkar Design Fair
Black_gold_clutch_pureghee_dastkar design fair
Black and Gold Clutch by Pure Ghee
While there are many more designers you will find, do have a peek at the stalls of Vineet-Rahul and Fayakun Design Studio. You are sure to fall in love with their beautiful collection at the Dastkar Design Fair.
In the next part of this series on the Dastkar Design Fair preview, we’ll be covering some more dazzling designers and their creations.
More power to the talented artisans and designers! What are you waiting for…prepare to shop away, and own some handmade crafts…it’s that simple!
XO, Nupur


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  2. Hi
    I am Kankana ,an entrepreneur from Assam.I have been working in designing for past 12years.I have almost 20 looms on Assam and more than 25 workers are working under my unit.My products are Organic Endi silk shawl ,stoles,Saree ,Mekhele chaddar(traditional wear) ,Muga and Assam Silk Saree.My products are in brand name”SILKSOUK “.
    I would love to display my product in your next upcoming fair. I have been participating all over the world.
    Thanking u