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‘Feeling Good’ is on my mind

Stressed often, frequently over-eating and tend to panic at the smallest hurdle? Forgotten what  ‘Feeling Good’ feels like? Perhaps, it is time to make a change; invest in yourself and feel good again…

Meditate, you should, but you ask, how?

Have people around you been constantly nagging you with the line: ‘Meditate and see your problems disappear like magic’? Well, I have been there, heard just about everyone give ‘gyan’ and hence, I can totally empathise with you. My reaction to that unsolicited ‘gyan’ would always be, ‘I can’t meditate, I can’t get a blank mind and hence, am not doing it!’ and the cycle of stressing, being a slave to my tongue and panicking continued….until, one day someone said to me, ‘Let’s not call it meditation, just simply listen to yourself breathe‘ and it sort of clicked for me!

I thus got introduced to this wonderful world of ‘listening to my breath’ and it was rather intriguing, to say the least! It felt weirdly good! This ‘feeling good’ even has a name and it is Mindfulness. Do I hear you say, ‘It’s just another name for glamourised meditation?’ Well, according to me, it isn’t and that’s why I am dedicating an entire post to it. So, please do me one favour, and give this a go and then we will talk again soon to share your experience.

What is Mindfulness, you ask?

Mindfulness has been described as ‘The awareness that arises from paying attention in the present moment, non-judgementally’, which simply translates to paying attention to your breathing, paying attention to what goes into your mouth, paying attention to the present moment(not being distracted), whilst being kind to yourself and most importantly, whilst not judging yourself. Let’s do this one small step at a time. Stay with me…

A 3-minute Mindfulness Breathing session 

Should we have a go at this 3-minute breathing session together? This session by Mark Williams, is the best way to gently get familiar with this practise.

And this was our first Mindfulness Meditation session that we did together…How do you feel? I love to practice this, first thing when I wake up and then whenever in the day, I begin to feel stress.

Remember, Stress can change to Distress and which can very quickly change to a full-fledged Panic Attack, if not controlled! So, do all you can, to stop it from spiralling out of control.


Do as much as you can and when you mindful of the small joys, the small victories, the hurdles and the falls.  Be in the moment, be present and then get ready to notice the change. However, at this point, I must mention that Mindfulness is no magic! It’s not going to stop you from panicking, overeating or getting stressed…but what it will most certainly do, is give you access to a Powerful Key. When you find yourself in an uncomfortably stressful situation, all you have to do, is remember to use your Powerful magical Key (by simply just focussing on your breath for just 3 minutes) and watch yourself come out of the situation.

Never give up

Did you feel nothing at all at the end of this session? Please don’t worry, it’s okay and your experience will get better with every practice; just wake up tomorrow and have a go again….


Keep practising and until next time, keep ‘feeling good’….

Shilpa xx


Images: via Pinterest

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