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What does wearing ‘Ajrakh’ mean to you?

What does wearing ‘Ajrakh’ mean to you? I know there is a technical definition out there, but to me, it signifies style, earthiness and immense pride…a design soaked in the labour of hard work, that is  pure brilliance. The ‘ajrakh’ world has moved on quite a bit…there is a lot more than just the familiar kurtas (though, they are still my absolute favourites and this post is dedicated to those beauties! ) but even some ‘ajrakh’ shoes and bags are a ‘must have’…Allow me to introduce you to some out-of-this-world designers and help expand your  ‘ajrakh’ collection:

Indigene's stunning Ajrak dress
Indigene’s stunning Ajrakh dress
indigene ajrak picture2
Indigene’s very stylish creations…got yours yet?
Soham Dave's styling with Ajrak
Soham Dave’s styling with Ajrakh
Soham Dave's use of amazing colours
Soham Dave’s use of amazing colours

The ‘Ajrakh’ Magic Makers


Indigene’s Ruchi and Jaya are one of the finest brains in this business…So, wait no more; just get a little bit of their style (dresses, shoes and the most stunning bags too!) into your wardrobe…bring one of their creations home. Connect with them here.

Soham Dave

Soham Dave’s designs, using this style of printing, of course, I am referring to ‘ajrakh’  to create dresses, kurtas and even stunning bags are just wonderful. I would urge you to have to a good browse and perhaps treat yourself to one of their goodies. Find out more here.

Vraj Bhoomi

This post will be incomplete without the mention of the amazing contribution by Vraj Bhoomi. The brainchild of NIFT alumni Bhoomi Dani, they create designs in collaboration with the artisans, with a strong belief that “Each piece of Ajrakh is unique and each craftsman holds its own secrets and unique recipes for colors and processes.” Now, have a peep at the magic they have created:

Vraj Bhoomi's magic with Ajrakh
Vraj Bhoomi’s magic with this art form

I couldn’t end this post without the mention of a most amazing artisan, Khalid Amin Khatri, who lives in the quiet village of Ajrakhpur in Gujarat, India and who is known for being a non-conformist and creates masterpieces by using asymmetry in block printing; traditionally symmetrical block printing has been used for years. Read more about him in this wonderful article featured in Border & FallIf you happen to be in Ajrakhpur, then simply ask for ‘Khalid Bhai’ and he will proudly show you his work. This talented man’s work was also exhibited in the V&A museum in London…way to go, Khalid Bhai! 

Nupur from our NJAS team,  was lucky enough to meet with him a while back and was able to learn about the stories and inspiration behind his work and of course came back with stunning ‘ajrakh’ goodies too. If you would like to do so too, then do get in touch with him on: 0091 97278 62958 or email him at:; Promise, you won’t be disappointed.

Now, am sure you have no questions about why ‘Ajrakh’ strikes a chord with nearly everyone and the reason behind it being ever so awesome! Be ‘Ajrakhed out‘, if possible!

Enjoy ‘Ajrakh’ your way!

Nupur xo

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