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Fabrics – Sew, Make, Buy

I love fabrics and having grown up having most of my clothes stitched, fabric shops have a special place in my heart. Choosing patterns in a shop, handing it over to the tailor,  and then waiting for my pretty dress to be created, was most exciting and enjoyable.   Today, there seems to be a lot of interest in creating bespoke home and fashion accessories from beautifully patterned fabrics.  From lampshades, pencil cases, cushions, curtains, blinds, buntings to stunning dresses, you could make just about anything using these beautifully printed fabrics and if you don’t know how to sew yet, then why not think about joining one of their sewing workshops and create something truly magical yourself.

This post is going to be dedicated to two such beautiful stores, situated in the University town of Cambridge. The fabrics you will find in these stores are designed by British designers and mostly printed in the UK. Browse,  pop over and enjoy:

Callyco (just across from the market square in Cambridge): Founded by Cally Preen, who didn’t let disability get in the way of her passion, is a beautiful store selling fabrics along with making curtains and blinds to order, amongst other things. Alternatively, you could join one of their workshops to create something pretty to take home. They also sell little beauties made with the fabrics stocked in the store. Have a little peep…

Buy your choice of fabrics, or make an apron or simply some posters for your home via Callyco, Cambridge
Brose through the beautiful collection of unusual prints; Buy a lampshade or buy some fabric and make one yourself via Callyco, Cambridge

The Little Fabric Stall (Located in the Cambridge market square): Jo runs this beautiful store and makes some stunningly beautiful cushions, oven gloves, advent calendars, aprons, buntings amongst other things. Apart from this goodies, she also has a beautiful collection of fabrics for you to choose. If you are in the area, please pop over to her lovely stall, have a chat, buy a thing or two.

the-little-fabric-store-collage-1 the-little-fabric-store-collage-2

There is so much fun to be had with fabrics! Stop by at either of these lovely stores when in Cambridge and have a blast! Have I inspired you to make your very own tote bag or a cushion right now?

Buy local,  Get Crafty and support your local businesses….after all, you are notjustashopper!

Shilpa xx












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