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Dastkar Design Fair 2017 – Our top 10 picks

The Dastkar events have a special place in my heart. The ‘Nature Bazar’, the venue of the events at Anderia Modh in New Delhi, is a delightful place, displaying the talent, creativity and passion of the designer-makers. So, despite of getting there towards the fag end, I managed to manoeuvre around rather efficiently! It was indeed an honour meeting the brains and hands behind the marvellous creations . The time I had on hand, was certainly not enough to do justice to all the participants. However,  I present to you my very favourites, my top 10 designer-makers and their products that caught my eye and held my gaze for a very, very long time.

  1.  Hand Carved ‘Soorajmukhi’ box and trays from Organic Connect
Beautifully carved sunflowers on a beautiful box by Organic Connect via

2. Footwear by Karmantik  – Happy Soles to Happy Souls

Happy Soles lead to Happy Souls! Colourful and comfortable footwear collection by Karmantik

3. The black backpack with Kantha from Maheejaa

Hand embroidered Kantha work on genuine leather handbag by Maheejaa via

4. The Sound amplifier and teapots by Megha Rawat of The Mudslingers

5. The  flower-power bags and accessories from Pure Ghee Designs

The eternal charm of flowers on a lovely Potli bag via
Wrap the flowers gajra around your hair or sport it as a hairband or a bracelet…the versatile gajra by Pure Ghee Designs

6. The Lotus Urli by The Design Forge

The Lotus Urli handcrafted in brass is a piece-de-resistance’ by The Design Forge

7. Hand crafted platters from Taru and The Design Forge

Handcrafted wooden platters with a hint of brass detailing brought to life by Taru and The Design Forge via; available on 

8. The entire collection at Neelum Saigal’s Bric-a-brac

A stunning collection by Neelum Saigal’s Bric-a-brac via

9. Perfume and handmade body butter by Saklain’s Coterie and Yoshara Naturals

Mussaa – the natural & alcohol free perfume from Saklain’s Coterie is absolutely divine via
The Lavendar Body butter, the Daily Care Sorbet from Yoshara Naturals felt like a blessing on my parched skin ….definitely worth exploring via

10. The hand-painted shloka chair from Design5 Studio

Hand painted and decoupaged vintage chair by Molly from Design 5 Studio.  These pictures just don’t do justice to its real charm via

I could go on and on about some more fantastic finds from the lovely Dastkar Design Fair, but I’d stop here and let you explore the wonderful world of the above designer-makers. Browse through their collections, connect with them, get inspired and maybe make something and then definitely think about shopping for a thing or two.

Empower the artisans, the designer-makers, buy handmade, after all, you are notjustashopper, you are so much more

XO, Nupur

Cover Image:  The Mudslingers, Organic Connect, The Design Forge, Design5 Studio and Pratham – The Saree Courtyard 


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