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Indian Masala Box: Magical Ajwain

Ajwain, known in the western world as caraway or even as carom, has been part of the Indian subcontinent for thousands of years. I have decided to write an entire post about it, ‘cos it truly deserves a place in your lives.  Is it just me or have you noticed all the press ‘haldi’ aka turmeric has been getting and how  ‘haldi doodh’ is treated as a magical drink and is being sold as  ‘golden latte’ across the globe! Well, good for turmeric and I am pleased, but I am also aware of the fact that there are are so many spices in the Indian masala box that have gone unnoticed and hence, here I am with a mission to talk about them all. We start with the amazing Ajwain,  and see what this beautiful hidden gem can do for us. Magical in so many ways…read away:

Do you often get acidity or indigestion?

Throw some Ajwain into water and boil for 10 – 15 minutes. Strain, cool and sip on this drink throughout the day.

Eaten way too much and feeling bloated?

Take a pinch of Ajwain with a pinch of black salt(or rock salt) and swallow (not chew!) it with a gulp of lukewarm water and see you feel better almost magically.

Got blocked sinuses and a heavy head after a nasty cold?

Roast some Ajwain in a pan and just tie it in a muslin cloth. Inhale several times in the day; is especially effective when warm. Forget wasabi, this wonderful seed will open up all sinuses !

Fancy using it as a preventative digestive?

Remember to add a pinch of Ajwain to the dough for your ‘puris’, to pakora batter to ensure the digestion of these fried goodies is smooth sailing.

Pain from an injury or even Arthritis?

Take a 2 tbsp of mustard oil, throw in 1 tbsp of Ajwain and 2 cloves of garlic. Cook until the aroma of burning garlic penetrates your system. Cool and apply on the affected part and see the magic!

I must stress the point that I myself have used Ajwain in all of the above ways and it truly works.  Is this enough to convince you to use this beautiful plant and seed, packed with all this goodness? I grow one in a pot, and both the leaves and the seed are edible.  I don’t have a photo as it’s not flowering at the moment ‘cos of the freezing cold. However, I have a picture from the internet for what it looks like. Do get one! For now, have a look at these pictures:

The Ajwain plant, in all its glory via pinterest
Ajwain seeds, sitting tight in the ‘masala box’
Ajwain seeds boiling away in a pan of water
The perfect Ajwain drink…giving drinks from Chayyos a run for its money


The Indian masala box is versatile and extremely powerful…Shop away for these exciting spices and make them a part of your everyday lifestyle…

Shilpa xx







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