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Bags with a Soul

Our fascination with bags has been evident for centuries. Egyptians loved their bags then and we continue to be fascinated by them even today. They served a purpose then and they find several uses today too.  An accessory that has kept up with the times and only got better. Hundreds of years back, the bags were made from animal skin or simply from a piece of cloth by hand…fast forward, and visualise the bag-churning factories taking over.  The last few decades, thankfully have seen the rise of the handmade ones. Handemade bags with a soul, are now getting the respect they deserve.

To take handmade to the next level, in effect, for attaining nirvana in the bags kingdom, what you need is handmade, earthy, ‘kind to the planet’ goodness that touches your soul. To help you get there, we bring to you,  these two beautiful, earthy creations, the perfect bags, to fall in love with. Come, have a browse:

The Burlap People

‘This isn’t a brand, it’s conscious living’, is what folks at ‘The Burlap People’  believe in.  These handcrafted, earthy, planet-friendly bags are created by third and fourth generation of craftsmen for us earthy souls in search of the good juju. And of course, they will do a bespoke one for you…send them your requirements and then, simply wait….Once you get that bundle of gorgeousness, spread the good juju across the universe too, don’t just keep it to yourself.

handmade bag calcutta style global
Handmade goodness, Oh! I’m in love with these… Sold by: The Burlap People
earthy eco-friendly handmade bag india calcutta kolkatta
Perfectly suitable for use across the world, customisable too; Sold by: The Burlap People
To Contact: The Burlap People
  • Call: +91 99303 38355
  • Email:
  • Instagram:
Earthy Roots

Folks at Earthy Roots have a great love and appreciation towards tradition and we like that. They magically combine traditions with designs of today to create bags and accessories, that you will absolutely love. All the bags are handmade and nothing is mass-produced. In fact, sometimes they create just a single piece, one of a kind. Of course, they love to customise and take bespoke orders and in line with this, their mantra is to help you ‘choose what you love’  instead of just ‘love what you choose’.

handmade bags traditional india
Carry a not just a Bag but a also a little bit of tradition with you. Sold by: Earthy Roots
handmade tradition bags slings, work bags madeinindia
All kinds of shapes and colours; all handmade. Sold by: Earthy Roots
To Contact: Earthy Roots

Is buying handmade, when you can, your mantra? It does keep artisans and craftsmen in work, helps keep the planet safe for the future generations…what’s not to like in handmade? Buy when you can, when it doesn’t cost the earth and make sure the artisans and craftsmen are given the respect they deserve.

Stay grounded, stay earthy…Shop wisely; Be Notjustashopper!

Shilpa xx

Cover images: Earthy Roots and The Burlap People

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