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Pom-Pom is Happiness!

Sometimes, a plain  white scarf, a simple linen saree, a hat, all look ‘lonely’ in my opinion, as if looking out for a hug, and I reckon, the best way to bring instant happiness to these simple essentials,  is by adding a few Pom-Poms. Pom-Pom to me, is happiness!

A little history about the wonderful Pom-Pom

The humble Pom-Pom has been around since the 18th century and still continues to go strong. Did you know that the word ‘pom-pom’ is derived from the French word pompon, which simply translates to a ball put together, mostly using either fabric or feathers.  Its first use was perhaps on a hat…well, today, the opportunities for fixing a bobble or rather a pom-pom are endless.

I believe these gorgeous Pom-Poms formed an integral part of the French naval uniform as well as that of the Belgian sailors. Scots refer to this as the ‘toorie’ and have had this as a fixture in their military uniforms too for centuries! Pom-Pom had its uses away from the battlefield too…Turkish and Italian wedding shoes mostly displayed a Pom-Pom.

Pom-pom in your lives today

Look at life around you and pom-poms seem to jump up in every direction! Today, this lovely round ball of joy, emanating happiness and life has become a symbol of happiness and warmth. Look at some of it’s pretty uses here:

byloom linen hand made pom-pom
When a plain saree is bought alive by the mighty Pom-Poms: Sold by Byloom
handmade pom-pom madeinindia blouse saree
The addition of pom-poms to the blouse completes the look. Sold by House of Blouse 
dastkar handmade pompom
The peeping pom-poms from these sarees..Head to summer weaves in Delhi : Sold by: Dastkar
handmade shoes pompom madeinindia
Sandals, Sold by: The Wedding Brigade and Kolhapuris, Sold by: Vanshika Ahuja

I am a big fan of jazzing things up, be it a bag, a saree, a scarf or even my cotton tote by sticking in a few pom-poms but sometimes, it can look a bit much. I came across this hilarious post on how not to look like a craft store, when accessorising with pom-poms and I suggest you do give it a read. Click here to read.

Make your own Pom-Pom

Here is an extremely easy set of steps, demonstrated using a fork to create a beautiful pom-pom. Come on, get into DIY mode, give it go!

Pom-Pom in the UK

And if you live in the UK, and are looking for the most magical pom-poms, made of ‘eco-friendly’ paper, then get in touch with Sarah of PomPom Studio.

If you remember to keep a balance, then, what’s not to like about pom-poms? They are handmade, easy to create and bring an instant smile . Give it a go, get crafty and enjoy being Notjustashopper!

Shilpa xx

Cover Image: via Pinterest 1, 2

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  1. Loved your collection. How and from to purchase.
    True pom pom is happiness.

    1. Thankyou Pallavi. However, at this point, we don’t sell. Each product image has the ‘sold by’ mentioned below it. Please refer to that and get your gorgeous pom-poms. They are lovely, aren’t they?