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Upcycled Magic – Shoes & Jewellery

Everyone complains about the ‘throw away’ culture but there are very few who do something about it.  Some of us don’t have a clue about what to do with things that move into the class of ‘useless’ at some point. Thankfully, there are some others with innovative and clever ideas.

Come to think of it, we, Indians are fairly good at recycling. Our clothes are used in various avatars unless such time they find no more usage at all. We recently wrote about Cornucopia and Chicory Chai, who create keepsakes from old clothes and jewellery.

However, for things with a typical one-time use, such as tyres, plastic bottles, caps and more, we aren’t that brilliant. However,  thanks to the likes of ‘Paaduks’ and  ‘Silver Nut Tree’,  a lot less will go to the landfill sites.  Find more about them right here:

Upcyling Magic
Paaduks – from Tyres to Shoes

Making footwear using upcycled automobiles rubber tyres is no mean feat 🙂 This wonderful company upcycles these tyres into soles for your shoes, of course, making it ‘green’ and doing their bit to be kind to this planet.  They also upcycle conveyor belts, rubber mats and more, and with no chemical process in sight.

Now, as we have learnt  about this beautiful and comfortable eco-friendly footwear, if must acknowledge the humane side of this company. Paaduks envision a prosperous cobbler community, where the cobblers aren’t underpaid for all their ‘cleverness’ but instead are given a platform and treated at par with other footwear artisans in the world.  All this work, while adhering to international guidelines agreed for Fairtrade standards.  More power to you, we say. Now, a peep into the creations:

(All above Pictures: via Paaduks)

  • Connect with Paaduks on facebook here.
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Telephone:+91-9820702598
Silver Nut Tree

Is the idea of turning plastic into jewellery alien to you? It certainly was to me, until I came across this lovely bunch. Applying craft skills and knowledge to turn a plastic bottle into jewellery, the women behind this enterprise are making magic everyday, saving the planet from drowning in landfill sites and in the bargain, creating spectacular jewellery for us all.

Be it punctured rubber tubes, bottle caps, washers, nuts, CDs or even glass bottles, these lovely women upcycle them all into beautiful products. Their jewellery always has a history, telling a beautiful tale, thanks to their craft skills. 

(All above Pictures: via Silver Nut Tree)

  • Connect with Silver Nut Tree on facebook here
  • Email:
  • Telephone: +91-9686314113, +91-9008151302

Who knew that rubber tyres can be converted into stunningly beautiful footwear and plastic bottles with its associated bits and bobs, be worn as jewellery,  just with a little TLC? A kind and magical act, indeed!  This planet needs more of your tribe!

Upcyle Away, Be Notjustashopper!

Shilpa xx


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