Diwali Time – Not just about bling!!!

It’s Diwali time again! My most favourite time of the year and for all those lovely readers who go a bit over the top, re-doing their decor, I love you! Here, are my favourites for this year (for me, Diwali doesn’t have to be simply about being bling! It’s about style and elegance mainly) and I am going to look around shops and stores and try to replicate these looks…Happy re-decorating & happy re-designing lovely people!

Sometimes, you need the bright oranges, saffron yellows and reds to shout out ‘Diwali’, while at other times, just the natural earthy looks with subtle lighting does the job.  A bit of contemporary along with a traditional fixture works for me… Straight lines with subtle palates for you, bohemian for some others, traditional indian for the rest of us…whatever style you choose, it will be yours and for me, a simple rangoli (or more skilled and stunning will do if someone offers to create one for me!) completes the decor of the gorgeous festive reason.

It’s the time to re-upholster your dining chairs and sofa (just go for it! you will have a new home look in days!), or just change the furniture polish colour/ effect on your dining table. If these don’t appeal to you, then go out and get the best table linen and living room linen you can get, and make you home look all dressed up and pretty.

Thalis in copper, not just plain China! Bright orange and pink linen says festive!
Elegance – that’s you!
Rangoli – simply beautiful
A lot of pretty colour! Not for everyone 🙂

Joyful times, Precious moments…don’t forget to be safe and capture all these moments….Happy festive season folks!!!

Shilpa xx


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