What is your signature style?

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So, what is your signature style? Pat came the reply – “I never gave this question any serious thought before! My signature style reflects me and my personality”. I am not sure if this answer is convincing enough, but it was my answer before I actually sat down to decipher my style.

Now that I have placed this question before you too, and if your answer is as vague as mine, maybe you would like to give it some thought, like I did.

I consider myself to be a conformist, but occasionally I completely disregard the rule book to pair and match different styles – like kitsch and contemporary, match Indian mirror work with the Central Asian Suzani – basically unique finds that I love, that are a reflection of me. It is a mix of traditional and contemporary, subtle and elegant, though sometimes eclectic. You could take an online quiz if you like on Houzz / HGTV or any other such quiz to confirm what you already know about your style.

From what I know, there are many kinds of styles, but here’s what I have picked for you:

Contemporary – The basic definition of contemporary is “of the moment.” Contemporary art, design, and interiors  exist in the here-and-now. It has a strong emphasis on line and form, no clutter, no ornamentation and frills, simple pattern or subtle prints and minimal accessories.

Contemporary Dining cum living - Steven G

Contemporary Living Room - Steven G

Eclectic – “Eclectic” refers to a decor that comprises heterogeneous elements — a mixture of textures, time periods, styles, trends, and colours tied together by one grounding force, typically a neutral palette.

Eclectic family room - Deborah French Designs  tilton-fenwick-530laguardia-library-790x540

Traditional – Warm, welcoming and rooted in tradition from the past. This style is all about familiarity and comfort, elegance and a timeless appeal.

Traditional Bedroom Traditional living dining - Steven G

Midcentury modern – Do you secretly admire the decor style in Mad Men? Uncomplicated, pared-down forms, contemporary patterns, a fine balance between natural and man-made. An original Andy Warhol, George Nelson clocks as accessories, simple neutrals paired with brights, thats midcentury modern for you.

mls4332 sam_2191

Transitional – Not too cold, not too formal, not too fussy – gracious, harmonious. This style is a perfect blend of comfort and warmth of traditional design with the clean lines and muted colors of the contemporary look.

Dining transitional Trasitional

Cottage/ Shabby chic – Humble, unpretentious and full of heart. Vintage and antique finds; distressed, cracked and imperfect finishes; antique linens; sparkling chandeliers; and lots of white. Not for everyone, but feels like a warm hug when you get back home.

Shabby chic living shabby-chic-living-room-design

There are many more that can be added like tropical, mediterranean, asian and so on, but we take a break here.

Have you identified your signature style yet? Do tell us! Happy exploring!



Source: Interiors by Steven G, Deborah French Designs, Tilton Fenwick, McCroskey Interiors, House and Home Palm Springs, Renee Gaddis Interiors, Apartment therapy, Home Ideas Finder






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