Halloween….here already?

October 31st, a night when it is believed that ghosts, witches and fairies are very, very active and are generally on the move within our planet.

When did it get popular in India? I really don’t know the exact answer to that either but am aware that my friends and family living in Delhi and Bangalore started reporting kids knocking on doors for ‘trick or treat’ about 4-5 years back! So, still fairly new to us Indians but like everything else, we have embraced it with open arms and celebrate Halloween, as if we have known it all along.

Shops and costume party shops are stacked with Halloween delights. Pumpkins are carved and tea-lights placed inside, scary looking food prepared to be served on the day and homes decorated to scare away the living daylights out of folks visiting!!!! All in the name of witches and ghosts!!

Some people in India say that the Bhangarh Fort is the most haunted place in India. No visits allowed between sunset and sunrise, even today and the locals confidently tell tourists that no one who has stayed in the ruins after sunset has ever managed to return back!. Scary!!

Bhangarh Fort in Rajasthan, India


Jonathan Ross’s house in England

article-2225775-15C6F189000005DC-526_634x476Kilconquhar Castle Estate in Scotland


Inspired by any of the above? If yes, have a quick read of our top picks for Halloween online shops to help you get ready to welcome the ghosts and the witches of this Universe…or maybe from another Universe…who knows???

  • Dhol Dhamka for scary looking nails, blood, skulls 
  • Madcaps for amazing Halloween decorations and party supplies
  • Party Hunterz for everything you need for scary stuff

You loving Halloween too?  Really??

Shilpa xx



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