Hand crafted shoes anyone?

Cinderella! Proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life ūüôā

Yes, I believe in this and there are never enough shoes in my¬†closet! There is always room for one more pair. You need all kinds of them, you know – because you never know when you really need that one particular¬†style. Having said that, most of us have our favourite ‘go-to’ pair that we like to wear ever so often. Just to add, this is not only a ‘woman’ obsession. Men like their shoes, and the whole collection of them.

Recently, I was out for coffee with close friends, and some of their friends joined in. The conversation steered towards hand crafted shoes, and an animated conversation followed on why hand crafted, custom made shoes are better. This got me thinking and here I am, writing about them.

John Bros, a company with its outlet in Connaught Place, New Delhi is one of the oldest I know of. You could contact Mr. Jude Yep John if you wish to get a custom made shoe in Leather – that’s been their speciality over the years.¬†

Cuero, a Pune based company was founded in August 2013 specializing in hand crafted leather products. They do brilliant shoes, and if you are one of those who like to see how your shoe gets made, have a look at some of the videos on their facebook page. Their website should be coming up soon.

Classic Glass Brogues - Cuero


Groom's mojri - Cuero

Dnuvo ¬†is a high-street men’s custom footwear brand whose philosophy is to provide the essence of “Made in Italy” in India – Premium quality, attention to detail and contemporary designs. They actually come to you to get your measurements, show you their products ,design your shoe and guide you through your first order. Once you like their fit, they store your profile so that you don’t have to worry about the measurements ever again – just order online. Sad, they only cater to men. Love the concept.

Shoe details - Dnuvo


bolzanomatera_bg-DnuvoA few others that you would like to look at – Janota. Janota Goa offers non conventional footwear design. It’s the brainchild of Angela & Edwin Pinto, based out of the very beautiful Goa. Janota means style in Portuguese and their designs are inspired by the beauty of nature with¬†a hint of fairy tale.

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2_pic_homepage_images_copy- Janota

Look at Agra Shoe Mart, a company that was started in 2009, with an aim to provide Export Quality Genuine leather shoes to end user i.e directly purchasing shoes from the Shoe factory. 

Shoe 2 - Agra Shoe MArt

So do tell us if you’re getting your custom made luxurious shoes anytime soon? I am.

XO, Nupur

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