Our Top 5 ‘Must-have’ Apps for your phone

Most of us today carry a smartphone with us with a variety of apps for maps, music, food, social interaction, science, life and perhaps fashion.  We decided to carry out a little brainstorming exercise and come up with the apps, we reckon,  should be downloaded on our phones.

We have found a range of apps for you…An app for the safety-aware you, an app for the traveller in you, an app for the stylist in you, an app for the re-cycleist in you and an app for the internet-needy side of you! Read on:

 Safetipin                            Tripigator       wififinder                                                 raddieexpress                 styledotme

SafetiPin:  is a map-based mobile safety app which works to make our communities and cities safer by providing safety-related information collected by users and professionally trained auditors. This maps app will always stay free for the users. You can create your ‘Circles of Interest’ and follow any post, just like you would in Google+,  (to help you keep track of what’s happening on a reported issue/ news). You can pin pictures, as you would on Pinterest. It allows you to comment on other people’s post, respond with pictures and this app, very effectively makes use of social media to try to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Is available on both iPhone and Android phones.

Tripigator: This is a fantastic app, which looks at hundreds of factors, that travellers  consider when planning their holiday, in real-time, when helping the user plan their travel plans. ‘Multi-nodal itinerary, destination discovery, and cloud syncing are not available anywhere else,’ said Mukul Garg, Co-founder, Tripigator.com, which are key points of this new travel app.  The app is also cost-effective, designing itineraries based on the budget, and proposes multiple options available at a destination based, on the budget. It’s available only on Android and already seems to be getting popular. A must have for any traveller.

Styledotme:  If you love dressing and love to share your look, as well as get feedback from family and friends (sometimes, within tight timescales too!), this is a must app for you. This will allow you to create a fashion community of your choice of like-minded people. Fashion doesn’t have to be about what celebrities wear. It’s your style. Create your community and spread the style! Currently, only on Android, but will soon be available on other platforms too.

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Raddiexpress: Recycling is something we Indians have done for years. However, since some housing societies won’t let the traditional ‘raddi’ guy in through the door, there is now alternative help available. A professional service offers to help pick your waste paper up for a good rate. Also, it gives you options to exchange your waste paper for new office/ school stationery paper.  It also offers a confidential paper shredding service, should you don’t shred your own paper (or are an organisation) before being recycled. This is available only in Delhi and only on Andriod phones for now. Have a read at www.raddiexpress.com for more information.

Wi-fi finder: An app, that is designed to help you locate wi-fi spots in your location and functions in the offline mode too. Most of the reviews of this app seem to be good. Since this helps you save on your data usage, while letting you get on with your work, it certainly can’t be a main thing! Works on Android currently.

Of course, apart from the above, there are the big ones like makemytrip, jabong, flipkart, snapdeal apps, that people already are familiar with.  Please do let us know if you are using an app, that you cannot do without. We would absolutely love to add it to our repertoire.

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