Buy me some Rocket Salad leaves and Goats Cheese, please!

It’s nice to make all these lovely salads that the food blogs are absolutely choc-a-bloc with, but then sometimes finding some of these ingredients are just a bit tricky. So, we thought, it would be a great idea, to give you a list of stores that sell these online or even the seeds of these herbs would be just brilliant. Also, a list of places where you could order the cheese required for your recipe. However, before, we do so, I must share a little ‘gyan’ about rocket and goats cheese. Totally enjoyable!

Arugula, Roquette, Rocket Salad –  These edible leaves are characterised by a peculiar spicy, infact quite a peppery taste and flavour. Grows wildly in the Mediterranean region but also grows well in India, specially in the Tehri Garhwal region or Ooty in the south of India, as the cold climate favours them. A whole lot of them are imported in india from Thailand though. All salad greens have to be washed under chilled running water and then spread out on a muslin cloth to dry if you do not have a salad spinner.

You can order these in several places, both online and physical shops and a little list is compiled below:

For the peppery, spicy rocket salad leaves, have a look at:

Fresh rocket salad leaves

ChhajedGarden.comYou can order a wide range of salad leaves, seeds, plants, garden tools, organic manures, plant care products and several other related products

Nursery Live – Offers you a variety of plants, garden equipment, seeds and several other gardening services.

Nature’s Basket – This retail outlet of Godrej’s offers a range of foods (including salad leaves and cheese) from across the globe.

Green Tokri – Offers a variety of salad leaves.

You can get a large variety of salad greens at Foodhall at Delhi, Gurgaon, Pune, Bangalore and Mumbai. They should soon be available online. If you’re interested in knowing when they would be available online, click here.

Pure, gorgeous white goats cheese

A list complied to help you find cheese is detailed right here for you:

Cheese Bazar: I think these guys have been feeding cheese to the Delhi people since forever 🙂

Inducia This is an import and distribution company, dedicated at bringing foods from across the world into India and gives you an option to shop online too. 

The Cheese Collective – The Cheese Collective is all about handmade and curated artisan cheese from India and ideas and items that go with it.  From fresh homemade chèvre and labneh to camembert and aged gruyere, we have all these and more.  Have a peep at their facebook page too:  

A list of shops in Delhi – This list gives you a list of shops in Delhi,  offering different varieties of cheese to you. Have a good read.

Any mention of cheese is incomplete without the delicious cheese from Auroville (La Ferme Cheese). La Ferme pride themselves in using only natural whole cow milk, salts, vegetarian enzymes and seasoning cultures. They do not use preservatives, artificial flavors, colors or emulsifiers, that are typically used in industrially produced cheese to retain moisture and fat. You can get them across brick and mortar stores as well as online. Try Foodesto.

A special mention to Maia Cheese from Goa. I happened to taste the variety on one of my trips to Goa, and they have remained a special food memory for me since then. Not sure where you can get them outside Goa, but a must try if you visit Goa.

Another salad: Rocket, goats cheese with some beetroot

Hope you are now getting ready to maybe grow your own rocket or if that sounds like too much work, then order some from a store along with some cheese! You will be creating combinations that you thought weren’t even possible! Let your food imaginations run a little bit wild!

Shilpa xx


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