Recycle in the Kitchen – Vegetable and fruit peels

I have been thinking for a while about the volume I add to my rubbish bin, simply with the  veg and fruit peels. While we do know that most goodness lies in the skin of veg and fruits, or just under it, we do nothing much about it. However, since this had been at the back of my mind for a while, I now determined to put an end to this. I had to do something…make my own compost or until such time, I figured ‘how to’, I was going to find a use for this mountain of peels, recycle and here is what I found! Sharing my newly found knowledge with you…totally brilliant!

Seasoning from veg peels
Recycle: Take just about any veg peel: tomato, aubergine, pumpkin, any veg really – add stalks of coriander, mint; then dry in the sun or stick in the oven after you have just finished a baking session; do this few times until skins are hard. Blitz them together, add coarse salt, chill flakes and store. Add to any soup, sabji, salad and voila!  via 
Recycle: Take raw banana peels, remove black spot, soak in water until ready to cook. Chop finely and cook like you would your veg, with onions, mustard seeds and chilli. Add shredded coconut and some water and cook until tender. Delicious with steamed rice and daal – Food heaven on a plate: via
Recycle: Sun dry orange peels or stick them in an oven after you have finished a baking session and dry until they are hard. Powder them and mix with honey and some sea salt to use as a face mask or simply powder and use to add that citrus zing to soups and salads, even daal. Peels are truly magical via

The apple peels twigs (as shown in the cover photo) are brilliant too. Just toss them with some cinnamon sugar and stick them on a low oven for about two and a half hours or so. Keep turning them in between and you will have the most delicious snack for your evening chai, satisfying your sweet tooth and helping you save on hard earned money and of course the environment.

I am doing this now, will you recycle?

Shilpa xx 

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