Smile…it’s Monday!

The morning alarm jolts you out of bed! Late already? As you rush through the morning at home and on your way to work, you realize the things you missed doing. Driving through the roads, avoiding potholes and lopsided speed bumps (yes, we have half speed bumps too!), a few meandering cars try to get ahead of each other and in the first ‘row’ just inches away from the traffic signal. Why-o-why, I think to myself, and with almost everyone running late,  some folks decide to move when the signal is ‘red’. Result – interlocked traffic. Flaring tempers, hand gestures, curses and a whole lot of drama. The Zen in me then smiled, I quickly put on my favourite music and enjoyed the world go by (literally!). Funny things we do…

Eating in the car
Breakfast on the go, of course!


Makeup in the car
Need to look human – safe driving? always! know when to stop!
biks on pavements
I’m in a rush too! Pavements come in handy at times!
Only if everyone was so polite!

Whatever you do, drive safely and don’t have a manic monday please...

XO Nupur


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