Kitchen Waste Management for a Greener Home

Kitchen waste bothering you? The ‘Swachh Bharat‘ movement has caught the attention of many in India.  People are aware of its magnitude and importance and are attempting, if not doing their bit already. In my opinion, this is also the time to realize that the act of throwing rubbish away from your home, isn’t ‘cleaning‘. That rubbish just finds a ‘new home’, in your city or outside…just somewhere in the country. I am sure we don’t feel right about it. It will come to bite us all, sometime very soon, if we don’t change what we do today. It is actually not so difficult to practice what we preach, from my personal experience! Till we don’t have a go at it, it seems difficult but it is actually not.

Consumerism is on the rise due to the upsurge in disposable incomes. Have you ever wondered how every product you buy adds to the generation of waste? It is my understanding from a recent report in a leading newspaper, that Delhi alone generates 9,000 tonnes of garbage every day and the 2,500-odd community bins are already overflowing. By 2021, the city’s daily garbage load will touch 15,000 tonnes.

All this information is rather alarming but there is something we can do at the grassroots level to alter the situation. Maybe, look at our kitchen bins to see if we can reduce what goes in there or manage it better. We had written about recycling vegetable and fruit peels  and lemons and limes earlier…let’s have a look at waste management and composting at home in this post.

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Most of us long for a patch of green at home created by green, lush plants. To nurture your plants, you would surely be using compost or manure today. While you can easily buy packs of organic manure or compost from nurseries or even online, how about making some from your kitchen waste? Not only will you save some cash, you will also be creating some excellent quality feed for your plants. For me, the feeling of being environment conscious and doing my bit towards waste management for a greener planet top the reasons why I would do this. Is this something you want to have a go at? Don’t be scared…it may seem daunting, but it really isn’t! Honestly…

So, there are several companies that will be very excited to give you a helping hand. Give them a call, learn more about them and see the wonders of recycling your kitchen waste….Every little helps, as a leading supermarket chain in the UK says!

The main equation to remember is:

Raw materials (i.e. organic waste from your kitchen) + Time (2 – 3 months) + Container (to keep the waste – special ones available) + Natural decomposition process (let nature do its job) = COMPOST that nourishes the earth and creates your lush plants

If you are still interested and want to have a go yourself, give this wonderful article a read and take the plunge!

Alternatively, give any of these companies a call if you are keen on waste management and composting at home:

  • Daily Dump: They have been operating since 2006 and deal with both community and home composting. Get in touch with them – Available across India and online too. Read more about them here  
  • Eco Wise:  These guys are based out of Delhi NCR and offer a plethora of services (both commercial and residential) and are always willing to give you a helping hand, I understand. Get in touch with them. Read more about their residential services here

If you would rather prefer your housing society to look at waste management, how about suggesting your resident welfare society to contact one of these companies – maybe a win-win for both parties:

Before, I write any more, have a look at some lushness, created by wonders of home composting:

Vertical Composter via
Composting Wonders via 
Murthy : The Composting Guru via

Composting doesn’t mean messy and dirty containers…Here are some pictures of some pretty looking composting containers:

Beautiful composters via
Kitchen Composter via

If you want to learn more about sustainable living though waste management, composting in the urban environment, organic farming, community gardening without pesticides and chemical fertilisers, perhaps for your housing society even, then please make sure you do give Savita Hiremath’s blog a read. She is based out of Bangalore and pens her knowledge, thoughts on a regular basis.

I am sure there are many more companies out there for you to take your pick from. Do your research and pick the one that works best for you…Rahul Dravid does it too…does this help? Impressed by him or not, please do your bit for the environment. Don’t delay…take your first step today…

Shilpa xx


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