Yoga is inspirational – Part 2

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Yoga is amazing and inspirational – you need to experience it to believe this. So many of us keep repeating to ourselves that ‘it is too hard’ or ‘too boring’! Believe me, just a few breathing exercises is a great way to start the day….If you can recall what I had written in my earlier post on yoga, then you will remember how easy it is to join the yoga band wagon! 

Once you get the hang of the basics, then you begin to slowly train your body to do other asanas, that are aimed at massaging your internal organs. You need a healthy body and a healthy mind to function well! Yoga appears to be the answer…

If you need inspiration, motivation to get going, this video is what you need to watch. I insist, you spare a few minutes of your time now, and watch it…

Never, ever give up on yourself…

Shilpa xx


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